Accounting & Taxation

We offer monthly and yearly packages based on the number of transactions. A transaction is a deposit or a withdrawal on your bank statement, except for bank fees and charges (read more in the Q&A below).

You can let us handle your entire accounting and taxation and choose from the variety of ad-hoc services. We accept the documents in whichever format you keep them, so you don’t have to worry about it.

Our Packages

Based on the number of monthly or yearly transactions

Additional services

Services you may require if your account meets certain criteria.

Audit Liaising

When you need us to liaise with the auditor on your behalf (only applicable to audited companies)


When your company has a corporate shareholder or more than 20 individual ones

XBRL Hightlight

When your company is in negative equity

Consolidated Unaudited Report

When you are the parent company and need to combine the financial statements of your subsidiaries

Ad-hoc services

One-off services upon your request.

Unaudited Report

A company must table the unaudited report to the AGM within 6 months of its financial year endAdditional S$20 for every adjustment of accounting errors
Unaudited Report only
Unaudited Report + Tax
Consolidated UnauditedReport only

GST registration

If your revenue is more than S$1M over a year
per application

Corporate tax compliance

  • – ECI filing
  • – Preparation of tax computation
  • – Filing of tax return (Form C/ C-S)

Tax clearance for striking off

Only letter required stating that company has been dormant since incorporation

Application for Certificate of Residence (COR)

Have to be authorised for IRAS e-services
Our certified secretaries and accountants have over 10 years of experience and tailor solutions to your specific case


  • In what form should I submit my data?

    Send us your records in whichever state you have them. Drop your files in our app, store them in a cloud or e-mail to our experts — they’ll take care of the rest.
  • What is one transaction?

    A transaction is any deposit or withdrawal from the bank. This is assuming all payments and receipts are done through the company’s bank. An example will be payment to suppliers, salary payments, expenses reimbursement or customer transfer. Bank fees and charges will not be taken as a transaction.
  • What are my tax filing requirements?

    All companies are required to submit two corporate income tax returns annually — Estimated Chargeable Income (ECI) within three months from financial year end and Corporate Income Tax Return (Form C/ C-S) by 30th November or 15th December if via e-filing. Unless qualifying conditions are met for ECI waiver or company has been granted Waiver of Income Tax Return Submission by IRAS.
  • What accounting software do you use?

    Xero, which supports single and multiple currencies.
  • What is XBRL?

    XBRL is the open international standard for digital business reporting, used around the world and it replaces older, paper-based reports with more useful, effective and accurate digital versions.
  • How is income assessed to tax?

    Tax is assessed on income earned in the preceding financial year. For example, a tax return for the Year of Assessment (YA) 2019 would be to declare the income earned during the financial year 2018. This tax return is to be submitted by 30th Nov 2019/ e-filed by 15th Dec 2019.