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How Singapore Will Support Your Business During the Pandemic

The Resilience Budget measures will help local companies survive: up to 25% of the salaries'll get co-funded, tax payments are called off and loans are secured. Read on for details

5 min read

How Saying “No” Can Become Your Superpower in Every Negotiation

Compromise ruins negotiations. The win-win approach ruins negotiations. What doesn’t? Saying “no” whenever it needs to be said. This is the essence of Jim Camp’s theory. The rules he put forward 4 rules will help you feel confident and seize opportunities inside and outside the conference room.

10 min read

Tools to Keep Track of Your Startup Finances: P&L and Cash Flow

Running out of cash is a Number 2 reason for startup failures. So how to avoid cash disappearing into the void? Even if you are bad with numbers and find mathematics exhausting, you can use two simple tools to organise your finances: P&L and Cash Flow statements.

10 min read

Singapore Companies Now Have to Report on Who Owns Their Business

In April 2020, Singapore businesses will have to submit the Register for Registrable Controllers to ACRA. Before, your company was only obliged to maintain it internally. Now you will have to file the Register with ACRA electronically and maintain it updated at all times.

5 min read

New GST Rules to Kick off in January 2020

Beginning January 1, 2020, all Singapore companies will be charged 7% GST on the services they buy online from foreign-based providers. We explain what to do about it and how to pay the tax. Spoiler: if you are GST-registered, you will have some paperwork to do.

2 min read

How to Register a Trade Mark in Singapore and Beyond

Registering a trade mark can be tricky. Here’s a step-by-step guide with some insights for you to make sense of the process. Bonus track: we explain how to register in Singapore and get international trade mark protection right away

8 min read

Oops, I’ve Overpaid an Employee

On a settlement day you understand that you paid too much to one of your employees last month. Or the employee comes to you and awkwardly says that they have been receiving way more money than the employment contract requires. How to solve any overpayment? Here are the answers.

6 min read

When Do Companies Pay Capital Gains Tax in Singapore?

Capital Gains Tax (CGT) is the money you are to pay to the state when selling something valuable with profit. Singapore does not tax capital gains — in most cases. If you suspect that your situation might be an exception, read on.

4 min read

What You Need to Know About Singapore Accounting Standards

We explain what the international framework for financial reporting is all about and help you understand which of the standards apply to your particular company.

5 min read

Confirmation Statement: Everything You Need to Know

The confirmation statement is a document that must be filed by every limited company and limited liability partnership (LLP) at least once a year. If you don’t follow deadlines when filing the confirmation statement, your company might be closed, so let’s have a closer look at the requirements.

6 min read

Capital Gains Tax for Individuals in the UK

Capital Gains Tax is imposed when an asset that increased in value is sold. Let us look at cases when you do and do pay this tax, the rates and how they apply to you.

4 min read

How Electronic Signatures Work in Singapore

Many businessmen live with reams of papers all over the office — although they don’t have to. In Singapore, most documents can be signed on the computer, which is just as legal.

10 min read

What Investors Want to Hear At Your Pitch

Talking someone into giving you money is hard, especially if we are talking millions. Osome Blog asked 3 founders who succeeded, 1 startup scout and 1 product lead to share their experience. Here’s what they told us.

9 min read

How to Open a Corporate Bank Account in Singapore

With so many options, choosing a bank and a tariff in Singapore seems challenging. We compared the most startup friendly tariffs in the popular banks in Singapore and found out what you need to open a corporate bank account for a local company.

6 min read

Dream Team: OCBC Bank & Osome Celebrate Their Partnership

We are happy and humbled to be named a valued partner by OCBC Bank. We have been closely collaborating in our mission to bring you the most enjoyable client service. We operate on different scales but we share the same values, so working together has always been pleasant.

1 min read

Will the New Laws Scare the Business Away from the British Virgin Islands?

The British Virgin Islands seem to lose the offshore edge: the EU pressure forced the country to introduce new requirements for businesses. The rulebook compels paper-presence companies to show more substance in the tax haven. We examine if this new legislation is a game changer and why.

4 min read

How to Report About your Business Activity Type

As a rule, people starting companies already know what they’ll be doing. The authorities want to know, too, so they ask every entrepreneur about it. Let’s figure out how to decide on the answer and what rules to follow.

2 min read

How not to Hold Annual General Meetings

Annual General Meetings are important. Firstly, they are compulsory. Secondly, vital subjects are discussed there: during AGMs, shareholders approve financial statements. Without the shareholders’ approval, your business can’t meet the filing requirements.

4 min read

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