Svetlana Makurova

Svetlana Makurova

Svetlana is Head of Legal in a private equity fund. She is a specialist in international M&A & finance transactions, admitted to practice in Russia since 2009 and holding an LLB degree in English law

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Director’s Duties, Responsibilities and Liability Under English Law

Being a director, although prestigious, entails a lot of rules to play by, and mistakes can result in serious penalties. This article written by a practicing lawyer will help you understand the rules and decide if you want to take the director’s chair.

9 min read

How To Regulate Your Relationship With a Business Partner Under English Law

Whoever is becoming your partner, an old friend, your wife, or an investor, you'd better agree on how your partnership will work before you start doing business. We explain what to pay attention to and how legal documents can help.

7 min read

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