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Taxes for UK Business Owners: 2019/20 Rates, Thresholds & Allowances

Small business owners face double responsibility when paying taxes: they account both for themselves and for their companies. It is tiresome to keep up with the shifting tax rates, tax bands and allowances, so here is a guide for a private limited company owner to survive the 2019/2020 tax year.

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What is a UK Company Registration Number?

CRN is an important and unique way to identify your company as a legal entity. Also known as a business registration number, UK company number or a registered company number, you’ll find that the most common abbreviation used is “CRN”.

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P11D Form: All You Need to Know If You End up Googling It

The P11D form is a part of the UK payroll system that covers the benefits an employee gets. How and when to fill in the form, what the deadlines are and how to avoid any fines — Osome is here to guide you through all of it.

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Tax & PAYE Reference Numbers: Don’t Let These Codes Confuse You

Your company has several numbers and codes that go on official documents. Different HMRC departments issue them to identify your company. Let’s figure out which one means what.

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