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Financial Statements & Business Growth: What’s the Connection?

Want to expand your business and make smart financial moves? How about attracting the right investors or securing that new business loan? We unpack how your financial statement can be a helpful tool for business growth, take a look.

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How Hong Kong Collects Information About Company Ownership

Every Hong Kong company keeps records about the people and businesses who own it and influence its decisions. Those records make up the Significant Controllers Register (SCR). The authorities can ask for them at any moment.

6 min read

Guide to Hong Kong Tax for SME Owners

Hong Kong can boast one of the simplest and cheapest tax systems in the world. Is there a value-added tax? No such thing. How about a withholding tax or a capital gains tax? Again — nope. We will explain which taxes for private limited companies do exist in Hong Kong and how to pay them.

10 min read

Directors’ Duties in Hong Kong

Being a director is as prestigious as it is cumbersome, or so they say. Let's look at directors' duties in Hong Kong and try to evaluate how much risk comes with this respectable job title.

8 min read

Entrepreneurial Burnout: Can I Love My Business Again?

Natalia owns a video production studio. Some time ago, her business was doing great, but she wasn’t. In this article, she explains what steps she took to change the situation and where it all led her.

8 min read

How an Entrepreneur Can Move to Hong Kong and Bring Along Their Team

Hong Kong employment visas can be pretty hard to get, so we created this quick guide to help you understand how to apply for one and assess your chances before you make the move. We break down the rules and describe the application process.

9 min read

What is a Business Registration Number (BRN)?

We explain everything you need to know about BRNs. This article is for people relocating their business to Hong Kong and those looking to incorporate a company there.

3 min read

Pointers to Get Your ID Approved by Companies Registry on Your First Try

When setting up a company in Hong Kong, foreign directors and shareholders must submit a notarized copy of their ID. We explain how to obtain a document that will pass the requirements

2 min read

2,000 Osome Clients

It took us 15 months to grow the first 1,000 clients. Now, only six months later, another 1,000 business owners joined us. Thank you for trusting Osome!

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Osome Becomes Xero’s Gold Partner

Osome has received the gold partner status from Xero, a cloud-based accounting software platform. With only 30 Singapore companies holding this title, Xero recognizes Osome expertise in bookkeeping, accounting, and taxation.

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Big Ben, Victoria Peak, and $3 Million

Osome announced a $3 million financing led by Target Global. The new investment will help expand its technology platform to the UK and Hong Kong, and already started testing these markets.

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Osome achieves Xero Platinum status in 3 months

Xero, the global small business platform, awarded Osome with a platinum partner status. This is the highest level of recognition that Xero offers to their counterparts, with only 3 other companies in Singapore holding the title.

2 min read

Traditional Banks vs. Neobanks: Whose Business Account Suits You Best

The so-called neobanks offer online banking, and they are affordable. So is opening a business account with a neobank a good idea? How is it different from turning to a regular bank? Let’s find out

5 min read

Tips on Opening a Business Bank Account in Hong Kong

In 2020, a mere wish to open a business account is not enough. One needs to convince the bank that they can trust them. Every case is unique, but we gathered some universal insights from practising lawyers, explained the procedure, and outlined the questions you will be asked

5 min read

A Private Limited Company in Hong Kong: Is It for Me?

A private limited company is winning the race among all the business structures in Hong Kong. We look under the bonnet of an Ltd. and why it might suit you.

4 min read

What Investors Want to Hear at Your Pitch

Talking someone into giving you money is hard, especially if we are talking millions. Osome Blog asked 3 founders who succeeded, 1 startup scout and 1 product lead to share their experience. Here’s what they told us.

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