There are very few people as important for the company’s wellbeing as the corporate secretary – in Singapore, at least. If the officer knows the ropes, he can save you a lot of time and money. Learn how to pick the best company secretary and what he can do for you.

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Singapore Companies Now Have to Report on Who Owns Their Business

In April 2020, Singapore businesses will have to submit the Register for Registrable Controllers to ACRA. Before, your company was only obliged to maintain it internally. Now you will have to file the Register with ACRA electronically and maintain it updated at all times.

5 min read

How to Become a Singapore Citizen?

Technically, there are very few requirements to apply for citizenship: you must be a Permanent Resident for at least 2 years, you must be employed and be at least 21 years old. Sounds easy, yet there are nuances.

4 min read

How to apply and become Permanent Resident in Singapore

Permanent residency gets you as close to being a Singapore citizen as possible: you get all the same rights and benefits except being able to vote and hold public office. We look at the requirements, the documents you need to prepare, the timeline and chances for approval or rejection.

5 min read

How to Emigrate to Singapore and Get Citizenship?

We explain how to move to Singapore, get a work visa, apply for Permanent Resident status and receive citizenship, looking at the requirements, eligibility and timelines.

6 min read

How Does ACRA's Bizfile Work in Singapore?

As a Singapore entrepreneur, you, or more likely, your Corporate secretary, are going to interact with Bizfile regularly. Residents can access the directory themselves while foreigners need to hire an agent to do that for them. Here are some of the major activities your business might need

2 min read

How not to Hold Annual General Meetings

Annual General Meetings are important. Firstly, they are compulsory. Secondly, vital subjects are discussed there: during AGMs, shareholders approve financial statements. Without the shareholders’ approval, your business can’t meet the filing requirements.

4 min read

Roles and Responsibilities of Company Secretary in Singapore

The Company Secretary is responsible for your Singapore business compliance. You must appoint one within 6 months after incorporation.

3 min read

How to Change Corporate Secretary?

There are several red flags that tell you your current Corporate Secretary is not doing a good job: you have to wait for an answer for days, and follow up with reminders. You do not receive advice on regulation, and when you do it’s often unclear. You're unhappy with the price you pay.

2 min read

How do dividends work in Singapore?

You’ve made a profit and thinking about paying it out to shareholders. Here’s all you need to know about dividends in Singapore

3 min read

What are company secretary job responsibilities?

Once you’ve set up a company, you have 6 months to find a Corporate Secretary. But what are company secretary's duties and functions? What are the Corporate Secretary's responsibilities? Do I need

3 min read

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