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Form P50: Get Your Money Back Before the End of the Tax Year

If you overpay your taxes and you don’t get any taxable income for 4 weeks, you can contact HMRC and claim your refund straight away. That is what P50 is for. We look into the process and give tips on how to make things happen.


All Filing Requirements & Deadlines for a Small Business in the UK

As a limited company director, you have to keep 2 government agencies informed about your business: HMRC and Companies House. There are various forms and payments to take care of, and different filing timelines do not make it any easier. Let us glue all the pieces into a single picture, shall we?


Selling Your Business? Entrepreneurs’ Relief Helps to Pay Less Tax

Entrepreneurs’ Relief (ER) allows you to pay less tax when you sell your company. ER is great for those unhappy with where their startup is going but unwilling to give up on their entrepreneurial career. ER can save some money and also bring enough funds to start a new business from scratch.


Taxes for UK Business Owners: 2019/20 Tax Rates, Thresholds & Allowances

Small business owners face double responsibility when paying taxes: they account both for themselves and for their companies. It is tiresome to keep up with the shifting tax rates, tax bands and allowances, so here is a guide for a private limited company owner to survive the 2019/2020 tax year.


PAYE & Tax Reference Numbers: Don’t Let These Codes Confuse You

Your company has several numbers and codes that go on official documents. Different HMRC departments issue them to identify your company. Let’s figure out which one means what.

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