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Ministry of Law (MINLAW) — a government body in charge of the legal system. It also includes statutory boards in charge of Intellectual Property and Land Authority. If you are a foreigner setting up a Singapore company, you will surely be subject to the legislation MINLAW is in charge of.

What departments does MINLAW have?

  • Insolvency and Public Trustee's Office
  • Legal Aid Bureau
  • Community Mediation Uni
  • Appeals Board for Land Acquisitions
  • Land Surveyors Board
  • Copyright Tribunal
  • Intellectual Property Office of Singapore
  • Singapore Land Authority
  • Headquarters (HQ), including 7 policy divisions:
  • Legal Policy Division
  • International Legal Division
  • Legal Industry Division
  • Policy Advisory Division
  • Land Policy Division
  • Intellectual Property Policy Division
  • Community Legal Services Division

MINLAW in Singapore

You can visit the Singapore MINLAW website to learn more about their mission and core values.

On their website they have a section of Legal Services Regulatory Authority e-services. What we highly recommend is to check out a popular MINLAW find a Lawyer of Law Practice service.

Author Osome Content TeamOsome Content Team

1 min readJan 29, 2020

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