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Singapore is a great place to set up a business

400,000 Malaysians call Singapore their home

There are no restrictions on shareholders, either: they can be foreigners or residents, individuals or companies

Corporate Tax
0 % min18 % min
17 % max24 % max
Foreigners can own company
100 %30 %
Resident directors

Malaysia and Singapore have a Double Taxation Agreement: avoid being taxed twice on the same income

As a foreigner, here’s what you need to start a business in Singapore

You only need to fly once to open a bank account, everything else can be managed online. You don’t have to hire any local employees, either

  • Nominee Director The most complicated and expensive feature for a foreigner. Every company can have many directors, but at least one of them must be a resident of Singapore. If you do not have someone who can play the role, you can hire a nominee director

    A nominee formally holds director’s position, without any actual decision-making powers or authority to run the company. He is a company officer on paper, necessary to meet the requirements of the law

  • Corporate Secretary A Singapore resident certified under various regulations. That person is responsible for lodging and filing in time all necessary documents required by law. We provide that service

  • Local Address A real mailing address in Singapore. It goes on all legal documents. It doesn’t matter where your company really is located — Osome will provide an address

How to start a Malaysian company in Singapore

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We prefer to communicate via secure chat. Why?

It’s faster than emails, you can always revise message history, and ask a question anytime it crosses your mind

  • We save time Send us tasks and documents in a chat and confirm them with electronic signature — without calls or flights to Singapore

  • Responsive We answer 24/7 and usually within 15 minutes

  • Convenient A single app to start and manage your Singapore business from all over the globe

We can do it because we love tech We rely on technology to make things easier and speed them up. Our experts focus on specifics of your business while robots process routine tasks. It helps us work faster, cheaper and better

Сomparison of the conditions of Singapore and Malaysia

If you stay in MalaysiaIf you move to Singapore
Plus S$2,000 refundable depositPlus S$2,000 refundable deposit
Deposit works as insurance for nominee director. You get it back as soon as his contract expiresDeposit works as insurance for nominee director. You get it back as soon as his contract expires
Including government feesIncluding government fees
Corporate SecretaryCorporate Secretary
For 1 yearFor 1 year
Local AddressLocal Address
And mail forwarding for 1 yearAnd mail forwarding for 1 year
Nominee DirectorNominee Director
For 1 year: you are going to need a nominee director all the timeFor 6 months while you get your Employment Pass. You can replace the nominee then

Employment Pass


Dependant Passes

If you want to bring your family with you


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Vidhi Maheshwari

India and things PTE LTD

It‘s just the basics that user really needs — yet richly featured when it comes to digitization and avoiding manual interactions or visits. Services are smoothly integrated: communication, document sharing, signing, payments etc.

The icing on the cake is they keep upgrading with high quality. And all that for a very nominal fee.

I wish OSOME the very best 🙂

How to start a Malaysian company in Singapore

Free webinar starting in 5 minutes

Business in Singapore

Pros and cons

How to incorporate

Prerequisites and process

What can go wrong

Pitfalls and how to avoid them

Adam Loke

Successfully helped hundreds of entrepreneurs and business owners launch their business in Singapore

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