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In partnership with Sarah Berry

The Day Job to CEO Career Test

Are you the next Zuckerberg, Musk or Bezos? This 90 second test tells you which business you'd be best suited to start up.

Created with careers expert, Sarah Berry

The difference between success and failure for many small businesses is whether founders feel confidence and enjoyment once they start operating — and so much of that depends on your personality type — Sarah Berry

Why you should do this test

Why you should do this test

If you want to start a business or side hustle for extra income but don't know which type of business best suits you, this test is for you!

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Cash generating side hustles

With the help of experts, we've curated 36 of the best cash-generating side hustles. Get all of them here.

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Starting up and registering a company with Osome is simple. Osome manages your registration online, guiding you through every step. We integrate your sales platform, bank information and registration documents to the same place, saving you hours of hassle.

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