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Being Osome

About us

We believe that entrepreneurs are society's problem solvers. They see opportunities in complexities and drive us towards progress. Osome doesn't want entrepreneurs to be distracted from the important search for the best solutions. By letting us handle all the routine tasks, entrepreneurs can focus on driving their business forward.

Being Osome

Our mission is to enable entrepreneurs to accelerate positive change

Building a better future for the entrepreneurs

We believe that in the coming years, entrepreneurs will know that administrative routine is not their job. They will not even consider taking it upon themselves. Osome represents freedom from this routine and a commitment to make this future a possibility.

Keeping transparency as a key-value

As a company, we strive for open communication and we welcome feedback from our customers and teammates. We believe it is the best way to make a positive change.

Improving our services and product continuously

Improving our services and product continuously

We are a team of professionals who always strive to become better — as individuals, employees, business partners, and a company. Osome never stops looking for a more efficient and better-quality way to work.

Improving our services and product continuously

Taking details into account

Details are important — only by paying attention and precisely following the process, can we see the bigger picture and spot opportunities to improve.

Caring for teammates as we do for customers

People are what matters the most. Osome keeps promises, helps and empowers team members, saves their time and keeps their mind free.

Join the Osome team

11,000+ clients worldwide

4,200 companies we’ve helped to create

40 hours freed up from admin work for our clients monthly

26,800 documents received, tagged and processed monthly

400 trees saved yearly by digitising paperwork

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