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We file your accounting reports painlessly
We file your accounting reports painlessly
We file your accounting reports painlessly
We file your accounting reports painlessly

We file your accounting reports painlessly

Fever-free accounting services: we put together paperwork, check numbers, and file annual returns on time. Chartered Accountants answer fast and help optimise tax.

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    Xero Platinum Partner
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    Certified Public Accountants
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    Chartered Secretaries

Preparing financial statements yourself is a pain in the neck


Filling out the reports is a lot of manual work


There’s no way to check if you’ve done it right


The filing deadlines always come at a bad time


Your time would be much more valuable spent on something else

Out of 5 Unaudited financial statements prepared by entrepreneurs, 4 turned out to be incorrect

We do affordable online accounting for busy founders

An expert who has your back

An expert who has your back

A Chartered Accountant assigned to your company will review your books, compile and file reports, suggest tax exemptions and be there to help with any of your queries.

No manual labor

No manual labor

We’ll take over your invoices, receipts, and bank statements in any format. We then sort, reconcile them, and prepare reports.

No-tricks pricing

No-tricks pricing

We charge a flat fee that covers your bookkeeping, financial statements, management reports, and tax filing. So no extra charges out of the blue!

Don’t take our word for it, try yourself

Book a demo with our team: they'll guide you through the accounting dashboards, uploading documents, chat support and more. See exactly what you're getting before you decide.

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More than just filing an application
More than just filing an application

What you need to know about accounting in Hong Kong

What are the official requirements in Hong Kong?
  • Prepare unaudited accounts

    These include income statement, balance sheet, and cash flow statement.

  • Audit these accounts annually

    Every Hong Kong business must be audited by a certified third-party Accountant, who then submits the results to the Inland Revenue Department.

  • File annual Profits Tax Return

    It is a calculation of a tax your company has to pay after deducting all applicable expenses, and applying exemptions and incentives.

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What are the filing deadlines?

Accounting plans for a
price that makes sense

You don’t measure your business by the number of transactions, so neither do we. Our accounting packages are tied to your revenues. Pick a monthly plan to pay a small regular fee or a yearly one and get two months free of charge

What’s your average monthly ?

  • Mini

    Monthly revenue under HK$30k

    Billed annually



    annual support

    • Personal Certified Public Accountant
    • Osome software
    • Annual bookkeeping
    • Annual management reports

    govt & tax filings

    • Unaudited Financial Statements
    • Annual profits tax return filing
  • Starter

    Monthly revenue under HK$60k

    Billed annually



    daily support

    • Personal Certified Public Accountant
    • Osome software
    • Daily bookkeeping
    • Monthly management reports

    govt & tax filings

    • Unaudited Financial Statements
    • Annual profits tax return filing

    Pay monthly


  • Booming

    Monthly revenue under HK$150k

    Billed annually



    daily support

    • Personal Certified Public Accountant
    • Osome software
    • Daily bookkeeping
    • Monthly management reports

    govt & tax filings

    • Unaudited Financial Statements
    • Annual profits tax return filing

    Pay monthly


  • Rocking

    Monthly revenue under HK$300k

    Billed annually



    daily support

    • Personal Certified Public Accountant
    • Osome software
    • Daily bookkeeping
    • Monthly management reports

    govt & tax filings

    • Unaudited Financial Statements
    • Annual profits tax return filing

    Pay monthly


  • Unicorn

    Monthly revenue under HK$600k

    Billed annually



    daily support

    • Personal Certified Public Accountant
    • Osome software
    • Daily bookkeeping
    • Monthly management reports

    govt & tax filings

    • Unaudited Financial Statements
    • Annual profits tax return filing

    Pay monthly


  • Beyond
    a month

    Get in touch to discuss your specific needs. We'll create an offer that's just right for your business

    Get a custom offer

Need more?

Additional services you may need

  • Consolidated unaudited report, per subsidiary HK$5,000
  • Application for Offshore tax exemption from HK$10,000
  • Holdover of provisional profits tax application HK$2,000
  • Profits Tax Return, (BIR51) filing HK$1,000

Read more about Osome Accounting Services in Hong Kong

  • Multicurrency Accounting

    Multicurrency accounting records transactions in foreign currencies, adds them to financial statements and tax returns

  • Company Audit

    You have to be audited by a registered and certified public accountant outside your company every year

  • Cash Flow & Budgeting

    You need to check a company’s cash flow statements to determine its financial performance

Our clients know best

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9,500+ clients worldwide

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Here’s what our customers say

I'm very satisfied with their services, flexibility, and reactivity.

Yannick Andre Martial Guyot

Yannick Andre Martial Guyot HK TALENTS Limited

Osome is reasonably priced and very convenient. I ended up signing my documents while I was on the metro!

Randeep Sudan

Randeep Sudan Multivertz Pte. Ltd.

Everything was so seamless, it even looked like a fraud 😀 I didn’t have to go anywhere, I just use the web and mobile app to sign the docs.

Ivan Zeljkovic

Ivan Zeljkovic Evans Media Pte. Ltd.

I’m actually surprised they kept all their promises! I found Osome on Friday and on Monday morning everything was ready.

John Lim

John Lim Artac Pte. Ltd.

Many accountants I reached out to either never responded or charged extortionate amounts of money. I joined Osome and I'm incredibly happy I did.

Pawel Wargan

Pawel Wargan freelancer

They use the Osome app to gently nudge me to send in paperwork, and they provide me with regular updates and reminders regarding finances and filing deadlines.

Dave Wallace

Dave Wallace DW4DAYS Pte. Ltd.

4.9 out of 1,987 reviews

We know how to do accounting and optimise tax for your business

Every industry has its own perks and complications when it comes to bookkeeping and accounting. We advise what tax exemptions and tax reliefs your company is entitled to, and we organise your reports exactly the way needed to comply.

  • Retail Industry

    Accounting for Retail Industry

    Offline sales in Hong Kong have grown 57% over the last 10 years. However, it’s e-commerce that really wins the battle: over 60% of Hong Kong population order online now, and the number is expected to grow to 72.6% in 2022.

  • Construction Industry

    Accounting for Construction Industry

    2020-2021 Budget has plans for over HK$120 billion (US$15.4bn) to continue expanding Hong Kong’s development of infrastructure, buildings, and construction industry.

  • Restaurants Industry

    Accounting for Restaurants Industry

    With travel restricted, locals are rediscovering the city food scene. Readings for short term business outlook for restaurants hit a record 53.6, marking good business conditions for the first time since 2018.

  • Hotel Industry

    Accounting for Hotel Industry

    The word “staycation” is one of the most searched words on Google Trends in Hong Kong. Hotels in Hong Kong are promoting staycation packages even more to attract locals with promotional packages.

  • Hospitality Industry

    Accounting for Hospitality Industry

    May readings on the short-term outlook among smaller retailers and restaurants rose above the 50 level, marking good business conditions for the first time since 2018.

  • Entertainment Industry

    Accounting for Entertainment Industry

    Between 1991 and 2018, total sales of fine art in its auction houses jumped from around $11 million to nearly $1.4 billion. In addition, Hong Kong’s government is allocating HK$260M to boost the movie industry.


  • What are Tax Accounting Services?

    A tax accounting service helps your startup deal with filing your income tax, and other taxes placed on your small business. Companies usually engage with this service provider to improve accuracy and timely preparation of tax accounting balance. When you have better control over your company’s tax accounting function, you will be able to focus on the more strategic aspects of your business.

  • Why should my small business or startup outsource accounting and tax accounting services?

    As a small business owner, you’ve shouldered the work of bookkeeping yourself to keep a close eye on your expenses. As your business grows, most owners find that their time is better served to focus on their products and services, rather than your accounting debits and credits. Outsourcing these tasks means hiring a service that provides a full accounting department experience. You can outsource everything comprising from day-to-day accounts receivable, accounts payable, payroll, transaction coding, taxation, to financial reporting.

  • What accounting software do you use?

    We use Xero. It is a modern, accounting software that lives on the cloud, with tools to manage invoicing, inventory, expenses, cash flow tracking, bank reconciliation, bookkeeping and other accounting services for small businesses. It is accessible from any computer or mobile device. Xero integrates with a variety of third-party including Stripe, PayPal, Capsule and HubSpot.

  • In what form should I submit my data?

    Send us your records in whichever format you have them. Drop your files in our app, store them in a cloud or email to our experts — they’ll take care of the rest.

  • What is one transaction?

    A transaction is any deposit into or withdrawal from the bank. This is assuming all payments and receipts are done through the company’s bank. An example can be payment to suppliers, salary payments, expenses reimbursement or customer transfer. Bank fees and charges will not be considered a transaction.

  • What are my tax filing requirements?

    All companies are required to submit Profits Tax Returns annually. The first Profits Tax Return for a newly incorporated company will be received after 18 months of incorporated. 3 month will be allowed for preparing the accounts and audit report for first tax filing. Thereafter, the tax return should be filed with deadline depends on the Company’s Accounting Year End Date. Below is an illustration.

    Accounting Year End DateDue Date
    between 1 April to 30 November 201830 April 2019
    between 1 to 31 December 201815 August 2019
    between 1 January to 31 March 201915 November 2019

    Employer’s Return for of Remuneration & Pensions is required annually as well. Companies have hired employees should report the salary and wages paid to employees for each fiscal year (April to March) in April every year.

  • Why choose Osome as an accounting and bookkeeping service provider?

    When you’re ready to take your business to the next stage of growth, you’ll want to hand over the routine and administrative tasks like accounting and bookkeeping to trusted experts who know what the entrepreneurial grind is like.

    We help small businesses in Hong Kong with all the necessary accounting services. We prepare financial statements, tax reports and handle bookkeeping. The accounting advice would save you time from figuring this out on your own and save costs by being compliant with the local authority instead of paying late fees or penalties which can add up to a huge sum.

    You don’t only get your own team of accountants with Osome, you also get access to all your documents and financial data anywhere you want to work, using our app. All your documents are digitised and stored securely on the cloud.

  • What does an accountant do?

    An accountant plays an important role as the financial backbone of any business, large or small. They prepare and examine financial records, make sure that transactions are accurate, and that taxes are paid on time.

    Accountants use numbers and financial statements to tell business owners of the health of their company, analyzing profits and losses. This information forms the basis of a company’s report and legal filing reports.

    Their duties include:

    • Determining payroll requirements
    • Interacting with auditors to complete audits
    • Preparing and reviewing budgets, revenue, payroll entries, invoices, expenses and other accounting documents
    • Preparing profit and loss statements and monthly closing and cost accounting reports
    • Compiling and analyzing financial information to prepare entries to accounts, such as general ledger accounts, and documenting business transactions.
    • Supervising the input and handling of financial data and reports for the company’s automated financial systems.

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