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Register your Hong Kong company and open a business account remotely

We'll register your company, set up the reporting once and for all, and help open a business account online

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Cool. So, how do you register a company online in Hong Kong?

Fulfill the official requirements

Things that Hong Kong government expects every business to have:

Fulfill the official requirements
  • Corporate Secretary

    Corporate Secretary

    A certified expert who covers you on reporting.

    All Hong Kong companies must have a local Corporate Secretary. This officer ensures the company operates within the law. They track changes, maintain records and registers, and file statutory information accurately and on time.

  • Registered address

    Registered address

    A real Hong Kong mailbox for your legal correspondence.

    All Hong Kong companies must have a local registered address. It goes on all legal documents.

  • Business Registration Certificate

    Business Registration Certificate

    A must-have document for any Hong Kong business. We’ll get one for you electronically and update it every year.

    This document specifies all the details of your company. It is usually issued for 1 year and has to be renewed annually.

Get your company registered

We collect all docs online, put them together, and send you the application to sign electronically.

A certified true copy of your ID is the only doscument required. We’ll also ask for names, address and contact data on all directors and shareholders. Next, we need company name, short business description, and the share structure. Finally, let us know your paid-up capital — HK$1 is enough.

Get your company registered

Open a business account

Our partner Neat can open a business account for you within 2 weeks. The whole process is free, remote and online. Or we can set up a meeting with a local bank.

We partner with Neat, HSBC and OCBC. Neat is a fintech company that opens business accounts remotely, so you never have to visit a branch. Setting up your account is free; however they do charge small transactional fees. Alternatively, you will have to attend a bank meeting, where your case will be reviewed individually by HSBC or OCBC. We will arrange the meeting, help you prepare and collect the necessary documents.

Open a business account

Let’s talk money

HK$1,970 government fee for incorporation is included. You always pay what you see.


Includes full service for 1 year:

  • Company registration
  • Unlimited Company Secretary
  • Registered address
  • Business registration certificate


Additional things you may need:

One-off services upon your request

Seal and chop package


A chop and metallic seal delivered to your doorstep

Bank account opening assistance


We prepare all documents, file them, and schedule a meeting with the bank

General employment visa


50% refund for rejected applications

Business registration certificate

HK$500 per year

A certificate from Inland Revenue Department that you need to run your business

Registered address

HK$2,500 per year

Notifications when you receive mail, scanning and forwarding of the messages

Corporate Secretary

HK$4,500 per year

Tracks changes in your company, compiles paperwork and reports to the Companies Registry

Company registration for any industry

Hong Kong market provides great opportunities for various businesses. We list down a few industries we regularly help with company formation in Hong Kong.

  • Retail Industry

    Company registration for Retail Industry

    Offline sales in Hong Kong have grown 57% over the last 10 years. However, it’s e-commerce that really wins the battle: over 60% of Hong Kong population order online now, and the number is expected to grow to 72.6% in 2022.

  • Construction Industry

    Company registration for Construction Industry

    2020-2021 Budget has plans for over HK$120 billion (US$15.4bn) to continue expanding Hong Kong’s development of infrastructure, buildings, and construction industry.

  • Restaurants Industry

    Company registration for Restaurants Industry

    With travel restricted, locals are rediscovering the city food scene. Readings for short term business outlook for restaurants hit a record 53.6, marking good business conditions for the first time since 2018.

  • Hotel Industry

    Company registration for Hotel Industry

    The word “staycation” is one of the most searched words on Google Trends in Hong Kong. Hotels in Hong Kong are promoting staycation packages even more to attract locals with promotional packages.

  • Hospitality Industry

    Company registration for Hospitality Industry

    May readings on the short-term outlook among smaller retailers and restaurants rose above the 50 level, marking good business conditions for the first time since 2018.

  • Entertainment Industry

    Company registration for Entertainment Industry

    Between 1991 and 2018, total sales of fine art in its auction houses jumped from around $11 million to nearly $1.4 billion. In addition, Hong Kong’s government is allocating HK$260M to boost the movie industry.

  • Entertainment Industry

    Company registration for Entertainment Industry

    Hong Kong has invested lavish resources over the last decade to establish itself as an education hub acting as a gateway to China. It seems to work: 8 out of 10 foreign pupils come from mainland China.

  • Entertainment Industry

    Company registration for Entertainment Industry

    Though Covid-19 pandemia and street protests have hit food industry quite hard, food delivery is gaining momentum. Hong Kong citizens started spending 55% more on ordering food, and when the turmoil ends, the habbits will remain.

Got any questions left? Let a person explain

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Got any questions left? Let a person explain
Got any questions left? Let a person explain

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  • They replied quickly offering immediately useful details. One phone call set the path for my first incorporation. I highly recommend it for other first-timers.

    Paolo Porchetti

    Paolo Porchetti

  • I like that I can just post my questions to chat any time of the day, quite unlike having to remember to call within business hours only. For a startup owner working irregular hours, this helps.

    Lim Sze-Szan Fiona

    Lim Sze-Szan Fiona
    BodyOwn Limited

  • One of the best experiences in incorporating a company in Hong Kong.

    Beh Huey Ching Jenna

    Beh Huey Ching Jenna
    FortNynja (HK) Limited

  • Fully digital, fast, easy to follow, great app. I highly recommend it.

    Edwina Jane Barrington

    Edwina Jane Barrington
    Rupert and Bird Limited

  • They helped me register my company in Hong Kong. I'm very satisfied with their services, flexibility, and reactivity.

    Yannick Andre Martial Guyot

    Yannick Andre Martial Guyot
    HK TALENTS Limited

  • Osome has been extremely proactive, talking me through every step of starting my company. They now take care of my accounting. I love the app, it's so easy to use!

    Harriette Foulkes-Arnold

    Harriette Foulkes-Arnold
    We are Contented Pte. Ltd.

  • I didn’t have to go anywhere to work with Osome, I just used the web and mobile app to sign the docs.

    Ivan Zeljkovic

    Ivan Zeljkovic
    Evans Media Pte. Ltd.

  • I incorporated my own two companies with Osome and now manage them via the platform. I've been very satisfied and recommend Osome to all my friends.

    Vlad Shchelkunov

    Vlad Shchelkunov
    BTTR holdings Pte. Ltd.

  • The staff always answer, and they deal with all the admin on my behalf. So I can simply use my income and not worry about legal and administrative filings.

    Pawel Wargan

    Pawel Wargan

  • It is impressive how fast and responsive they are! I feel very happy about my decision to go with Osome.

    Randeep Sudan

    Randeep Sudan
    Multivertz Pte. Ltd.

4.8 out of 13 reviews

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Incorporate a company with Osome: how it works

Incorporate a company with Osome: how it works

We make setting up a company in Hong Kong fast and effort-free. We prepare all necessary docs, send them for you to e-sign, and file for company incorporation with Corporate Registry.

We make setting up a company in Hong Kong fast and effort-free. We prepare all necessary docs, send them for you to e-sign, and file for company incorporation with Corporate Registry. We provide convenient solutions for government requirements: corporate secretaries with years of experience who answer fast online, a registered address with digital mailroom, and procure Certificate of Incorporation and Business Registration Certificate. Everything you need to open a business in Hong Kong.

Company registration is just the first step. To save you time, we’ve created software that processes routine tasks. After we register your company, we’ll keep on top of the government filings and remind you about upcoming deadlines. All your files get stored on a convenient platform forever and for free, easy to find and forward. And any letters sent to your registered address will be scanned and sent to you. With Osome, you can set up a business and figure out the reporting once and for all.


  • Why incorporate in Hong Kong?

    Hong Kong is a great place to open a business: there are no restrictions for foreigners, taxes are flat and rather low (profits tax stands at 8.25% for the first HK$2 million of assessable profits, and 16.5% for profits after that), the incorporation process is easy, fast, and can be done remotely. There are many well-established businesses and smart start-ups here, finance is available, and flights are plenty.

  • Can a foreigner be a director and a shareholder of a Hong Kong business?

    Yes, Hong Kong allows foreigners to become directors and shareholders of a company registered here. As a foreigner, you can be the only director or hire as many as you need. There is no requirement to have any local directors.

    You can be a shareholder as well. You need to have at least one (and as many as 50). They can be people of any nationalities or companies.

  • Do I need a company address?

    Yes, all companies registered in Hong Kong must have a local address. It goes on all legal documents. If you don’t have an office address, use our service. We handle your incoming letters, scan and store them in your Osome account so you have easy access to all your documents.

  • Do I need a Company Secretary?

    Every Hong Kong business must have a local resident company secretary. This officer is responsible for keeping your paperwork in order, making sure all changes on the company are processed correctly, on time and in compliance with the local legislation. This role can be performed by an individual or a corporation, known as a body corporate.

  • How long does it take to register a company?

    Once all the documents are ready, it usually takes us less than an hour to register a company. It mostly depends on when you are comfortable with providing all the details, as well as the service hours of the authorities.

  • What do I need to incorporate a company in Hong Kong?

    To set up a business in Hong Kong, you would need a company name, a companies ordinance, appoint one Designated Representative, one individual director, one shareholder, and one company secretary. You would need a local Hong Kong registered address.

  • How does Osome opens a company in Hong Kong?

    First, we check that the name you’ve chosen for your business is available. Next you send us your passport copy and details on other directors and shareholders (if any). We prepare all the necessary documents, send them to you for electronic signature, and submit them to Companies Registry (a government entity that registers companies). We then register your company with the Inland Revenue Department which issues the Business Registration Certificate. On your end, it’s just a message thread in a secure chat.

  • What documents are required for company registration in Hong Kong?

    You would need company registration documents to set up a Hong Kong company. Wondering what is a company registration document? This includes the Certificate of Incorporation and Articles of Association of your company. You would also need identification documents of your company’s shareholders and directors.

  • What is a Business Registration Certificate?

    Business Registration Certificate is a document that every Hong Kong business must have. It specifies all the details of your company. It is issued by the Inland Revenue Department of Hong Kong usually for 1 year and has to be renewed annually.

  • How do I get a Business Registration Certificate (BRC)?

    To get a BRC, you have to apply to the Business Registration Office,complete form IRBR 37, and pay a HK$27 fee. If you employ Osome to do that for you, the fee is included in the package.

    After you’ve registered a company, you have 30 days to procure BRC.

  • What is a General Employment Visa?

    It’s a type of working visa sponsored by a specific company so it can invite foreign professionals. It allows you to work exclusively for that company and come to Hong Kong. Its duration is determined by the length of the contract.

  • What are the requirements to get a General Employment Visa?

    First, you need to have an offer of employment to fill a genuine vacancy. Second, you need to qualify for the job, which means your background, experience, and education should fit the requirements. Normally, the officials look for a first degree in the relevant field. Third, the salary you get should be about HK $40,000-$75,000. Finally, you must have a clean criminal record to be cleared by the security.

  • Are incorporation fees tax deductible?

    In Hong Kong, expenses have to be incurred in the production of chargeable profits to be tax deductible. That means you had to spend the money to make sales. As such, expenses related to incorporating a company are tax deductible. Our accountants can advise you on how to file taxes correctly.

  • How do I check my company registration number?

    Refer to your Certificate of Incorporation. You can find the company registration number at the top left corner of your Certificate of Incorporation. This number is unique to each company. It represents your company in official documents and business records.

It takes 3 minutes to get your paperwork in order

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Your paperwork in order
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