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Government Grant

Government Grant

Wage Support & Rental Relief for Businesses in Singapore’s Stabilisation Phase

Tighter COVID-19 restrictions will be implemented from 27 September to 21 November 2021. Find out what support SG companies can receive from this Stabilisation Phase.

Government Grant

Phase 2 Heightened Alert Support Package for SMEs (July to August 2021)

From 22 July 2021, Singapore has reverted to Phase 2 (Heightened Alert). Fortunately, the Singapore Government will be cushioning the impacts of the harsher COVID-19 restrictions with a $1.1 billion support package.

Government Grant

The Ultimate List of Grants That Small Businesses Can Apply for in 2021 By Location

This is the definitive list of grants that UK-based small or medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) can apply for in 2021. This article will first look at UK-wide grants, then delve into grants available by nation, and finally, will examine grants available for each English region.

Government Grant

SG Govt Will Extend Loans for SMEs by 6 Months as Part of Heightened Alert Support Measures

Singapore's Phase 2 and 3 periods of heightened alert have undoubtedly affected many businesses, especially Small- and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs). As such, Finance Minister Lawrence Wong has announced additional support measures for these Singapore-registered companies on 5 Jul 2021.

Government Grant

SMEs Can Apply for Relief Measures and Delay Full Loan Repayments till 30 Sep

As the pandemic gradually transitions to an endemic, the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) has announced the 'final extension' of relief measures for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) affected by the COVID-19 situation to resume full loan repayments.

Government Grant

A Quick Guide to Wage and Rental Support for SMEs in P3HA

The Singapore Government has introduced measures to help businesses cushion the impact of the pandemic, including more salary support for affected firms to retain employees, one-off payments for rental relief and individuals for Phase 3 (Heightened Alert).

Government Grant

A Guide to How Small Companies in UK Can Survive Lockdown 3.0

Entering into the 3rd lockdown, times are tough. If businesses are to survive, they need to make use of the special government lockdown grants available to them. We take you through 4 useful ones.

Government Grant

5 Hong Kong Government Funds to Tap Into for Your Startup

The Hong Kong government has put in place a few financing schemes to support the growth of these smaller businesses through financing and loan guarantees. Find out more about them and if you are eligible to apply.

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A Guide to Covid-19 Relief for UK Businesses

The announcements and updates might be overwhelming to keep up with. Start here.

Entrepreneur's Bootcamp

Just for Startups: Grants, Incentives & Tax Reliefs

Startups are at the heart of the UK economy, so know that you’ll never walk alone with the government supporting you through grants, and tax incentives.

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