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Ecommerce Masterclass Webinar: 7-Figure Sellers - Osome Events

This event launches a gathering of e-commerce experts & sellers, focused on uncovering the latest trends, key findings and bringing industry expertise in relation to e-commerce:

  • Personal journeys to growing a successful e-commerce business
  • If you were to start an online business today, how/where would you get started?
  • Tips and recommendations for new sellers and existing sellers
  • A complete guide to online marketplaces: pros, cons, and key considerations
  • Social Selling 101
  • Live Q&A

Osome, in partnership with Dan Rodgers (FBA Expert & YouTuber), Shimmy Morris (Print-on-demand & FBA Youtube Influencer), Mike Barnett (Reselling Expert & Youtube Influencer), and Zain Shah (Amazon & eBay Youtube Influencer) will provide actionable tips & advice to help grow your e-commerce business.

  • #ecommerce

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