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We take over your books and do them online
We take over your books and do them online

We take over your bookkeeping
and do it online

Bookkeeping services in the United Kingdom: winning the battle for busy entrepreneurs

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Bringing order to your documents
documents chaos

We make sure all your books are in place and ready every day, not just the end of the month

Books done in minutes

Books done in minutes

Send us the docs the minute you have them: we reconcile every 24 hours and show what’s missing. You don’t have to spend hours retracing old invoices.

Dedicated bookkeeping team

Dedicated bookkeeping team

You get a personal bookkeeper who knows your business and books. We answer fast in a chat, even late at night and on weekends.

Real numbers every day

Real numbers every day

We show real-time balance and your day-to-day dynamics from all connected banks. Anything sold or bought today goes straight into the reports tomorrow.

Product features

  • Magic box

    Magic box

    Forget sorting and tagging docs, it’s our job now. We extract data from invoices, assign accounts, and store files neatly.

  • Daily checkup

    Daily checkup

    No more retracing docs from weeks ago. We go through each transaction daily and check if any docs are missing.

  • Easy upload

    Easy upload

    Choose the easiest way for you to send in your docs: email them, snap pictures, or drag and drop.

Choose the plan that works for you

Our plans come as they are, no extra charges — simple and straightforward. All the packages include:

  • Daily bookkeeping done in Xero
  • Books perfectly ready for your accountant
  • Online support


For businesses with up to 50 transactions a month

£53/m if billed annually £59 if billed monthly


For businesses with up to 100 transactions a month

£109/m if billed annually £139 if billed monthly


For businesses with up to 150 transactions a month

£169/m if billed annually £209 if billed monthly


For businesses with up to 200 transactions a month

£229/m if billed annually £279 if billed monthly

Need more?

We can tailor a solution that works for you — just talk to us


For businesses with up to 200 transactions a month

£229/m if billed annually £279 if billed monthly

Need more?

We can tailor a solution that works for you — just talk to us

Industry standards

Industry standards

Our limited company is authorised by Companies House to provide bookkeeping, accounting services, and company formation. We employ accountants certified with the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA). They follow the bye-laws, regulations and ethical guidelines of the ACCA.

Your financial data protected

Your financial data protected

We set up a direct connection with Xero and your bank to exchange your data securely. All your documents will always be in one place protected with bank-level encryption

Our clients know best

89% of customers recommend us

7,500+ clients worldwide

Xero platinum partner

Here’s what our customers say

I've moved not just one business to Osome, but a number. If you’re a small business it’s the place to be — you’ll save time and sleep.

Tingsager Michael

Tingsager Michael Tingsager Consulting Ltd.

Osome is a fantastic partner for the complex accounting needs of our venture-backed corporate structure. Extra credit for helping us with fundraising transactions!

Ajay Gopalakrishnan

Ajay Gopalakrishnan Digital Services Sg Six Ltd.

Great service with great customer support — making our accounting easy and painless.

Varosi Vickor

Varosi Vickor Progressive International (Services) Ltd.

Osome uncovered many issues that went unnoticed by our accountant. Amazing Osome staff now optimises our tax.

Stanislav Karpenko

Stanislav Karpenko GIVE VISION Ltd.

I love the app, it's so easy to use and means I can talk to them at any time, day or night (often night when you have babies!)

Harriette Foulkes-Arnold

Harriette Foulkes-Arnold We are Contented Ltd.

Osome is reasonably priced and very convenient. I ended up signing my documents while I was on the tube!

Randeep Sudan

Randeep Sudan Multivertz Ltd.

Many accountants I reached out to either never responded or charged extortionate amounts of money. I joined Osome and I'm incredibly happy I did.

Pawel Wargan

Pawel Wargan freelancer

I set up a business and was getting bogged down in the admin. Osome has taken this all away from me. Osome is Awesome!

Dave Wallace

Dave Wallace DW4DAYS Ltd.

Everything was so seamless, it even looked like a fraud 😀 I didn’t have to go anywhere, I just use the web and mobile app to sign the docs.

Ivan Zeljkovic

Ivan Zeljkovic Evans Media Ltd.

I’m actually surprised they kept all their promises! I found Osome on Friday and on Monday morning everything was ready.

John Lim

John Lim Artac Ltd.

4.9 out of 34 reviews

Bookkeeping services in the UK

services in the UK

Why choose bookkeeping services
outsourcing with Osome?

If you’re thinking “Where can I find bookkeeping near me?”, look no further. Our bookkeeping team answers fast online.

• We use Xero for daily bookkeeping. The software connects to your banks and updates transactions’ data every 24 hours. It means we can show real-time data in your account: the current balance from different banks, invoices awaiting payment, and the bills you need to pay.

• Our bookkeeping experts are available online 24/7 via an in-app chat. We answer any questions, track filing deadlines, and give proactive advice to help you run your business smarter.

• Choose from three diverse accounting plans designed for your company. Our bookkeeping packages are based on the number of transactions you have every month. You only pay for what you need, and when your business grows, it’s easy to upgrade to a bigger plan.

• The worst part about bookkeeping is dealing with reams of papers, so we developed a software that does housekeeping for docs. Upload them any way that works for you: email, drag and drop on your laptop, or take pics with your phone. Then just watch them get magically organised.

If you upload an invoice, we recognise what it is, tag it, assign an account, identify the date, total due, and counterparty details.

• With all these docs, someone has to make sure they’re reconciled. Sounds like a job for robots! We’ve created Asker — a tireless algorithm that goes through documents and transactions, matches them, and reports to you what’s missing. It is fit to deal with even complicated cases. For example, if you need several docs for a single transaction.

Offload bookkeeping responsibilities to Osome and free yourself from the routine.


  • How much do bookkeeping services cost?

    We have flexible plans depending on the number of transactions your business has. A transaction is any deposit into or withdrawal from the bank. This way you only pay for the real work done.

  • How accounting with Osome works?

    You need to send us your receipts in invoices in any format you have them, like scans or pictures on your phone. If anything is amiss, Osome platform makes it easy to track docs and gently reminds you to send them in. Everything else we'll do ourselves.

  • Are you going to work with my accountant?

    We love to work alongside accountants and accountants love to work with us. It is our job to record transactions, collect all corresponding documents, and prepare trial balances and financial statements. The accountant takes it from there: calculates taxes, comes up with tax optimization ideas, prepares forecasts, etc.

  • Which accounting software do you use?

    We have our own platform that you can access from a desktop or mobile device. You can send the docs easily, have your files stored and sorted out, and ask questions 24/7. We are integrated with Xero — an elegant accounting solution for small and medium businesses used by 2 million clients worldwide. Osome is Xero's platinum partner and an approved app. The migration takes just a few minutes and we make it happen ourselves.

  • Is it hard to migrate to Xero from Quickbooks or Sage?

    Transferring to Xero is easy and free. You'll need to download a CSV file containing your data from the current provider and send it to us. We'll take care of the rest: upload it into Xero and set up your new account.

  • Can I do bookkeeping without experience?

    You have to be licensed to provide bookkeeping services in the UK. There are multiple associations that provide such licenses, some of the most acknowledged include Association of Accounting Technicians (AAT), Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA). Osome employs ACCA certified accountants who get their qualifications regularly updated.

  • Why is accounting important?

    Accounting tracks all your business activities and assets. Any time you spend, lose or make money, your bookkeeper adds it to the books. Your accountant then builds reports using these numbers. The government requests these reports to calculate how much tax you owe and whether you are exempted from some of it. Mistakes could be costly: the government punishes wrong reports with fines. Not to mention, you probably base your evaluations and plans on the same numbers. So, making sure your accounting is accurate is crucial.


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