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Osome Blog is a resource for entrepreneurs and everyone who wants to become one. We help to avoid mistakes that can be avoided: save money, hire the right people, prevent fines, and make sense of the rules and legal requirements you will face on the way.

How to Decide which Company Structure to Choose

A useful guide to help you compare the pros and cons of a Sole Trader, Partnership, LLP, and Ltd.

7 min read

5 Things to consider when setting up an e-commerce business in UK

While starting an online venture can potentially be a rewarding business option, it involves more than just setting up a website and getting started on sales. Here are things to consider from the administrative side of setting up your business.

6 min read

Everything You Wanted to Know About EBITDA Explained by an Investor

How to calculate EBITDA and, most importantly, why? A practicing financial analyst and investor Dan Satkunas explains how to assess business decisions based on EBITDA margin—and makes it all look quite interesting.

10 min read

Director’s Duties, Responsibilities and Liability Under English Law

Being a director, although prestigious, entails a lot of rules to play by, and mistakes can result in serious penalties. This article written by a practicing lawyer will help you understand the rules and decide if you want to take the director’s chair.

9 min read

How Accounting Is Different from Bookkeeping?

In short, bookkeepers record transactions of your company, then accountants summarise, interpret and report them. We explain who needs both specialists and why a bookkeeper can't substitute an accountant.

5 min read

2,000 Osome Clients

It took us 15 months to grow the first 1,000 clients. Now, only six months later, another 1,000 business owners joined us. Thank you for trusting Osome!

1 min read

Osome Becomes Xero’s Gold Partner

Osome has received the gold partner status from Xero, a cloud-based accounting software platform. With only 30 Singapore companies holding this title, Xero recognizes Osome expertise in bookkeeping, accounting, and taxation.

2 min read

Big Ben, Victoria Peak, and $3 Million

Osome announced a $3 million financing led by Target Global. The new investment will help expand its technology platform to the UK and Hong Kong, and already started testing these markets.

2 min read

Osome Becomes Xero Platinum Partner in Just 3 Months

Xero, the global small business platform, awarded Osome with a platinum partner status. This is the highest level of recognition that Xero offers to their counterparts, with only 3 other companies in Singapore holding the title.

2 min read

How Saying “No” Can Become Your Superpower in Every Negotiation

Compromise ruins negotiations. The win-win approach ruins negotiations. What doesn’t? Saying “no” whenever it needs to be said. This is the essence of Jim Camp’s theory. The 4 rules he put forward will help you feel confident and seize opportunities inside and outside the conference room.

10 min read

How to Regulate Your Relationship with a Business Partner under English Law

Whoever is becoming your partner, an old friend, your wife, or an investor, you'd better agree on how your partnership will work before you start doing business. We explain what to pay attention to and how legal documents can help.

7 min read

Tools to Keep Track of Your Startup Finances: P&L and Cash Flow

Running out of cash is a Number 2 reason for startup failures. So how to avoid cash disappearing into the void? Even if you are bad with numbers and find mathematics exhausting, you can use two simple tools to organise your finances: P&L and Cash Flow statements.

10 min read

How Can a Foreigner Open a Business Bank Account in the UK?

Can a foreigner open a business bank account in the UK? Yes! Nothing stops UK banks from opening business accounts for non-residents. We look at your options if you don’t want to buy or rent property and compare the bank tariffs for you.

11 min read

Form P50: Get Your Money Back Before the End of the Tax Year

If you overpay your taxes and you don’t get any taxable income for 4 weeks, you can contact HMRC and claim your refund straight away. That is what P50 is for. We look into the process and give tips on how to make things happen.

3 min read

What is Business Mileage and Who Can Claim It?

If your employees drive back and forth for business purposes, it’s a business-related expense. Thus, employees can claim petrol money back, and the firm can deduct these reimbursements from its taxable income. In the article below, we break down the latter — the so-called business mileage claim.

4 min read

All Filing Requirements & Deadlines for a Small Business in the UK

As a limited company director, you have to keep 2 government agencies informed about your business: HMRC and Companies House. There are various forms and payments to take care of, and different filing timelines do not make it any easier. Let us glue all the pieces into a single picture, shall we?

6 min read

Selling Your Business? Entrepreneurs’ Relief Helps to Pay Less Tax

Entrepreneurs’ Relief (ER) allows you to pay less tax when you sell your company. ER is great for those unhappy with where their startup is going but unwilling to give up on their entrepreneurial career. ER can save some money and also bring enough funds to start a new business from scratch.

4 min read

How to Legitimately Reduce Your Corporation Tax

You can take advantage of the legitimate ways to reduce your corporation tax, such as claiming expenses, paying yourself a salary, and spending profits. We explain each step with examples and show how you could reduce the tax you owe more than by half.

5 min read

VAT returns and Making Tax Digital (MTD) in the UK

VAT returns in the UK have been moved online — from 2019, Making Tax Digital system is in force for it. We explain how to deal with it and what the deadlines are.

3 min read

Oops, I’ve Overpaid an Employee

On a settlement day you understand that you paid too much to one of your employees last month. Or the employee comes to you and awkwardly says that they have been receiving way more money than the employment contract requires. How to solve any overpayment? Here are the answers.

6 min read

Confirmation Statement: Everything You Need to Know

The confirmation statement is a document that must be filed by every limited company and limited liability partnership (LLP) at least once a year. If you don’t follow deadlines when filing the confirmation statement, your company might be closed, so let’s have a closer look at the requirements.

6 min read

Capital Gains Tax for Individuals in the UK

Capital Gains Tax is imposed when an asset that increased in value is sold. Let us look at cases when you do and do pay this tax, the rates and how they apply to you.

4 min read

Taxes for UK Business Owners: 2019/20 Tax Rates, Thresholds & Allowances

Small business owners face double responsibility when paying taxes: they account both for themselves and for their companies. It is tiresome to keep up with the shifting tax rates, tax bands and allowances, so here is a guide for a private limited company owner to survive the 2019/2020 tax year.

7 min read

What is a UK Company Registration Number?

CRN is an important and unique way to identify your company as a legal entity. Also known as a business registration number, UK company number or a registered company number, you’ll find that the most common abbreviation used is “CRN”.

3 min read

P11D Form: All You Need to Know If You End up Googling It

The P11D form is a part of the UK payroll system that covers the benefits an employee gets. How and when to fill in the form, what the deadlines are and how to avoid any fines — Osome is here to guide you through all of it.

4 min read

PAYE & Tax Reference Numbers: Don’t Let These Codes Confuse You

Your company has several numbers and codes that go on official documents. Different HMRC departments issue them to identify your company. Let’s figure out which one means what.

4 min read

P60 Form: What Is It and How to Deal with It?

The P60 form is a part of the UK payroll system that features tax payments and National Insurance contributions of a certain employee. We look deeper into the nature of the document.

4 min read

How to use Companies House Services, aka Companies House beta

Companies House is an online service to check all data about businesses registered in the UK. So, let’s find out how many companies Richard Branson directs and what is the P&L of Tiffany & Co.

5 min read

What Investors Want to Hear at Your Pitch

Talking someone into giving you money is hard, especially if we are talking millions. Osome Blog asked 3 founders who succeeded, 1 startup scout and 1 product lead to share their experience. Here’s what they told us.

10 min read

Osome Attracts $2 m Investment To Develop And Expand

The funding will support new product development and reaching new markets, including Hong Kong and Australia

2 min read

1,000 Osome Clients: The Osome community is growing

Today we celebrate our first 1,000 clients. Thank you for choosing us to be your guide in Singapore Business Administration.

1 min read

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