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To Sell or To Fund Your E-commerce Business? Ask Investors & Buyers, Live!

Osome, in partnership with Thrasio (largest Amazon FBA business acquirer - to date they have acquired 125 FBA businesses) and Clearco (invested £1.5B+ across 5,000 E-commerce and SaaS companies), will be discussing the topics mentioned below followed by a Q&A.

Our panelists will be covering:

  • When should you think about raising investment or selling your business (when is the right time to sell?) - key indicators
  • Maximising company/asset value BEFORE you sell/fundraise - what you should consider when you sell to make sure you get the best deal from the right partner
  • Pros & cons of fundraising and exiting your business
  • Types of financing available, exit options available
  • Success stories of fundraising/selling businesses
  • #ecommerce

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