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UK Company Incorporation Cost & Prices

The cost to register a company
with Osome depends on what you need. We can simply handle the registration for you. Or we can handle your compliance and accounting needs too. Take a look at your options below:

Compare 3 packages

Basic£12+ VAT

Personalised£49+ VAT

All-in-one£139+ VAT

Incorporation essentials These are the essentials required to be a legal, active company in the United Kingdom. Osome will get all of these boxes ticked for you. You will be set up as a limited company and receive your incorporation certificate and any legal paperwork. No queuing or long waits on the phone are required.
UK Private Limited Company
Digital Certificate of Incorporation and M&As
Digital Statutory Forms
Bank Account Opening assistance Osome assists you with opening a business bank account. We partner with 45 biggest online banking, finance and business consultancy providers globally. Your new bank account integrates with your accounting software, meaning effortless accounting and bookkeeping.
Free Business Bank Account
Cashback when opening a business bank account
Bank feed integration to your account
Office Address You can operate the business from your personal address. It will mean that your home address will be made public and stay in the system for 20 years. If you want to avoid that, use our office address services.
Registered UK office address worth £39 + VAT
Same working day scanning of all official documentation from Companies House and HMRC
Virtual address with same working day scanning of up to 30 non-official letters a month worth £59 + VAT
Director’s address with scanning all official mail sent to all your directors
Key Services Osome will take care of all compliance related to your incorporation. And we will keep you compliant in the future. Once you incorporate, you'll automatically tick all the legal boxes, and an Osome expert will provide personalised onboarding help. If you have any questions or requests, simply ask.
Unlimited corporate changes: changing a director, a shareholder, transferring shares, changing company particulars, etc.
Confirmation statement filing
Personalised onboarding assistance
Get this planGet this planGet this plan

Additional services you might need

  • Accounting plans from£19/mOur accounting plans include automated software, expert accountant advice, tax filings, and tools to grow your business, like cash flow or invoice management.
  • One-year compliance package£100All your company needs to report to Companies House: annual Confirmation Statement, company changes, and maintaining statutory registers.
  • Consultation with a certified Accountant£50A 30-minute conversation with a certified Accountant experienced in your industry who will advise on tax, reporting, and growth.
  • PAYE registration£50We register you as an employer with HMRC so you can start hiring people.
  • VAT registration£50We check that you need to register for VAT, process your registration with HMRC, and advise on the best VAT schemes and necessary filings.
  • Registered + Virtual company address£89Includes same working day scanning of all official documentation from Companies House and HMRC for Registered office address and Director’s Service address, which includes multiple directors.

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