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Hassle-free accounting for your e-commerce
Hassle-free accounting for your e-commerce

accounting for your e‑commerce

We take over your accounting documents and convert them into actionable numbers, tax filings, and reports

Hassle-free accounting for your e-commerce
An expert who has your back
Hi, I’ve prepared your Annual report! 👌🏼 Adam
Total Balance HK$3,843.5

Accounting services for e‑commerce business. Piece of cake!

We know e-commerce
We’re one click away from answering your questions. Anytime. Vanessa, 15:21

Experts who have your back

Processing refunds in US Dollars from your Australian shop with a supplier in China? We’ve done that. Selling via Paypal on BigCommerce and Carousell? Sure! Whatever your case is, someone who knows it inside out will answer in a chat within 24 hours.

Painless accounting
Painless accounting

Painless accounting

Simply connect your Shopify, Magento or any other platform in 2 minutes. We convert their statements into easy-to-read profits and tax reports. A Chartered Accountant assigned to your company will track filing deadlines, suggest tax exemptions, and prepare reports.

Numbers you can act upon
Numbers you can act upon

Numbers to help business grow

We consolidate numbers for each SKU, product group, and market, so you can see which item and category bring you the most profit.ts.

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Here’s how Osome takes the stress out of your accounting

  1. You connect in one click

    You connect
    in one click

    Connect your e‑commerce platform account to Osome in just 2 minutes. We upload all the documents automatically, so no more handwork for you.

  2. We organise documents

    We organise

    We go through the documents, organise them, add the correct tax tag to each line, and reconcile them with the bank transactions. It saves your reports from any mistakes.

  3. And file reports on time

    And file reports
    on time

    We make sure you get all the reliefs and exemptions available. You get the reports ready to review and e-sign. We then file them with the authorities ourselves.

Unhappy with your accounting?
We do it differently!

Unhappy with your accounting?<br> We do it differently!

Trusted by e‑commerce sellers worldwide

89% of customers recommend us

9,500+ clients worldwide

Amazon spnpart of an ecosystem

Shopifypart of an ecosystem

I'm very satisfied with their services, flexibility, and reactivity.

Yannick Andre Martial Guyot

Yannick Andre Martial Guyot HK TALENTS Limited

Osome is reasonably priced and very convenient. I ended up signing my documents while I was on the metro!

Randeep Sudan

Randeep Sudan Multivertz Pte. Ltd.

Everything was so seamless, it even looked like a fraud 😀 I didn’t have to go anywhere, I just use the web and mobile app to sign the docs.

Ivan Zeljkovic

Ivan Zeljkovic Evans Media Pte. Ltd.

I’m actually surprised they kept all their promises! I found Osome on Friday and on Monday morning everything was ready.

John Lim

John Lim Artac Pte. Ltd.

Many accountants I reached out to either never responded or charged extortionate amounts of money. I joined Osome and I'm incredibly happy I did.

Pawel Wargan

Pawel Wargan freelancer

They use the Osome app to gently nudge me to send in paperwork, and they provide me with regular updates and reminders regarding finances and filing deadlines.

Dave Wallace

Dave Wallace DW4DAYS Pte. Ltd.

  • E27
  • Entrepreneur
  • foundr
  • Tech in Asia
  • Vulcan post

Accounting plans for a
price that makes sense

You don’t measure your business by the number of transactions, so neither do we. Our accounting packages are tied to your revenues. Pick a monthly plan to pay a small regular fee or a yearly one and get two months free of charge

What’s your average monthly ?

  • Mini

    Monthly revenue under HK$30k

    Billed annually



    annual support

    • Osome software
    • Annual bookkeeping
    • Annual management reports

    govt & tax filings

    • Unaudited Financial Statements
  • Starter

    Monthly revenue under HK$60k

    Billed annually



    daily support

    • Personal Accountant
    • Osome software
    • Daily bookkeeping
    • Monthly management reports

    govt & tax filings

    • Unaudited Financial Statements

    Pay monthly


  • Booming

    Monthly revenue under HK$150k

    Billed annually



    daily support

    • Personal Accountant
    • Osome software
    • Daily bookkeeping
    • Monthly management reports

    govt & tax filings

    • Unaudited Financial Statements

    Pay monthly


  • Rocking

    Monthly revenue under HK$300k

    Billed annually



    daily support

    • Personal Accountant
    • Osome software
    • Daily bookkeeping
    • Monthly management reports

    govt & tax filings

    • Unaudited Financial Statements

    Pay monthly


  • Unicorn

    Monthly revenue under HK$600k

    Billed annually



    daily support

    • Personal Accountant
    • Osome software
    • Daily bookkeeping
    • Monthly management reports

    govt & tax filings

    • Unaudited Financial Statements

    Pay monthly


  • Beyond
    a month

    Get in touch to discuss your specific needs. We'll create an offer that's just right for your business

    Get a custom offer

Need more?

Additional services you may need

  • Application for Hong Kong Certificate of Resident Status (Tax residency) HK$1,500
  • Nil Profits Tax Return, (BIR51) filing HK$1,000

4.8 out of 1,789 reviews

We do reporting & tax filing for multiple e‑commerce platforms

Amazon statements have 150+ types of fees and charges. Alibaba sends their financials in its own time frame and fashion. Ebay processes receipts in a different format altogether. We handle them all.

  • Amazon

    Accounting for Amazon

  • Carousel

    Accounting for Carousel

  • Shopify

    Accounting for Shopify

  • Stripe

    Accounting for Stripe

  • Hoolah

    Accounting for Hoolah

  • Bigcommerce

    Accounting for Bigcommerce

  • Volusion

    Accounting for Volusion

  • Magento

    Accounting for Magento

  • ... and more

    Let us know which platform you use — we’ll figure it out

  • Companies Registry
  • Certified Public Accountants
    Certified Public Accountants
  • Chartered Secretaries
    Chartered Secretaries


  • What are the benefits of an e‑commerce business?

    The rise of the internet has transformed society around us in just a few short decades. And as life rapidly moved online, so retail quickly followed suit. Amazon, once a mere online book store, has turned into a global behemoth. The Alibaba Group now brings in $72 billion per year — only 21 years after being launched in Jack Ma’s humble apartment. It’s safe to say that the e-commerce revolution is well underway.

  • What is e-commerce accounting?

    The definition of e-commerce accounting is reporting about your e-commerce business financials to the government. As an online vendor, you move products in and out, manage stock, and sell to customers in different countries via different channels.

  • How to do accounting for ecommerce?

    There are several things your e-commerce accounting includes:

    • Bookkeeping, which lists every transaction. For example, when you accept products to your storage, or sell on Amazon, or have to accept back a pair of shoes on ebay. Bookkeeping keeps track of every money or asset movement, and provides a document covering every such event.
    • Management reports, which gather all the sales data and try to make sense of it. For example, how much of each product you sold, what are the costs of operating every channel, and where do you actually make money.
    • Tax filing & statutory reports. These depend on where you sell, for each government has a different tax system. Tax reports constitute a very detailed recount of every transaction and the categories they fall under. Depending on the categories, different types of tax are derived. An experienced accountant can also help make sure you get the benefits and exemptions available to your business under each specific tax code.
  • How do I start an e‍-‍commerce business account?

    When organising accounting for ecommerce sales you need to make sure that you have all your needs covered.

    • All your channels. Do you sell via different platforms? You need a way to consolidate reports from various sources
    • All your tax jurisdictions. Do you sell in more than one country? You need to report for VAT everywhere you make money
    • No manual paperwork. Processing invoices and receipts is tiresome, and you probably have better ways to spend your time than that.

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