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Switch to Osome Corporate Secretary Services. We will make sure your company is compliant by bringing your documents into order.

Change Your Company Secretary to Osome
Change Your Company Secretary to Osome

Switching to our secretary is as easy as 1‑2‑3

  1. Connect with one click

    We handle the switch

    The switch is easy: we notify your existing Company Sectetary, fill the forms, and take over the documents

  2. We organise documents

    We take care of your papers

    Our team sets up the reporting, monitors your compliance, and ensures that you don't miss any deadlines

  3. We file reports on time

    You focus on your business

    You can focus on growing your company now that everything is in place

Unhappy with your secretary? We are different!

Experienced and dedicated secretary
We’re one click away from answering your questions. Anytime. Vlad, 11:21

Experienced and dedicated secretary

Choose a Corporate Secretary with years of experience who knows your business and drafts your papers saving you time and money. Whether you need guidance regarding your company structure or want to evaluate the implications of your decisions, they listen to your needs and suggest a tailored solution. Osome Corporate Secretaries are always available with in-app chat, and try to keep communications personal and humane.

No more due dates
No more due dates

No more due dates

We track your financial year end and filing deadlines. They’re our deadlines now, but you have access to them whenever you need.

All documents in one place
All documents in one place

All documents in one place

You no longer have to chase documents down in piles of papers or through emails - we store everything neatly and securely in your account.

Company Secretary services at an affordable price

Company Secretary services at an affordable price

With our Unlimited package, every event-driven change, government fee, and annual filing is included, so there are no surprise charges.

Our secretaries’ secret weapon? Super smart tech

All routine administrative tasks are handled by our AI robots at Osome. As a result, our corporate secretaries have the time to offer you proper, thoughtful advice, and they are always there for you in case you have got any issues or questions. Thanks to this we can reduce our costs, so you can spend your money wisely.

Our secretaries’ secret weapon? Super smart tech
Our secretaries’ secret weapon? Super smart tech

All fees, any
resolutions included

Our Unlimited package covers all event-driven changes, government fees, and annual filings, so no extra charges out of the blue

  • Essential
    Secretary 1 year

    Covers all mandatory filings and government fees

    With Accounting plan, or HK$1,600


    essential secretary

    • Annual General Meeting papers
    • Annual Returns Filing
  • Unlimited
    Secretary 1 year

    Essential plan with unlimited corporate actions

    Price for 1 year


    essential secretary

    • Annual General Meeting papers
    • Annual Returns Filing

    unlimited: any changes

    Essential package + all corporate actions: changing a director or a shareholder, transferring shares, changing company particulars, etc.

  • Compliance
    Kit 1 year

    Unlimited plan + registered address and business registration certificate

    Price for 1 year


    essential secretary

    • Annual General Meeting papers
    • Annual Returns Filing

    unlimited: any changes

    Essential package + all corporate actions: changing a director or a shareholder, transferring shares, changing company particulars, etc.

    Registered address

    Notifications when you receive mail, scanning and forwarding of the messages


    Business Registration Certificate – a certificate from IRD that you need to run your business

Need more?

Additional services you may need

  • Registered Address HK$2,500/y
  • Business Registration Certificate HK$2500
  • Seal and Chop Package HK$500

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I've moved not just one business to Osome, but a number. If you’re a small business it’s the place to be — you’ll save time and sleep.

Tingsager Michael

Tingsager Michael Tingsager Consulting Pte. Ltd.

Osome is a fantastic partner for the complex accounting needs of our venture-backed corporate structure. Extra credit for helping us with fundraising transactions!

Ajay Gopalakrishnan

Ajay Gopalakrishnan Digital Services Sg Six Pte. Ltd.

Great service with great customer support — making our accounting easy and painless.

Varosi Vickor

Varosi Vickor Progressive International (Services) Pte. Ltd.

Osome uncovered many issues that went unnoticed by our accountant. Amazing Osome staff now optimises our tax.

Stanislav Karpenko

Stanislav Karpenko GIVE VISION Pte. Ltd.

I love the app, it's so easy to use and means I can talk to them at any time, day or night (often night when you have babies!)

Harriette Foulkes-Arnold

Harriette Foulkes-Arnold We are Contented Pte. Ltd.

Osome is reasonably priced and very convenient. I ended up signing my documents while I was on the tube!

Randeep Sudan

Randeep Sudan Multivertz Pte. Ltd.

Many accountants I reached out to either never responded or charged extortionate amounts of money. I joined Osome and I'm incredibly happy I did.

Pawel Wargan

Pawel Wargan freelancer

I set up a business and was getting bogged down in the admin. Osome has taken this all away from me. Osome is Awesome!

Dave Wallace

Dave Wallace DW4DAYS Pte. Ltd.

Everything was so seamless, it even looked like a fraud 😀 I didn’t have to go anywhere, I just use the web and mobile app to sign the docs.

Ivan Zeljkovic

Ivan Zeljkovic Evans Media Pte. Ltd.

I’m actually surprised they kept all their promises! I found Osome on Friday and on Monday morning everything was ready.

John Lim

John Lim Artac Pte. Ltd.

  • E27
  • Entrepreneur
  • foundr
  • Tech in Asia
  • Vulcan post


  • How can I change my Company Secretary in Hong Kong?

    It is not uncommon for companies to consider a change of company secretary. Corporations are always searching for a pair of capable hands to manage their corporate administration,  financial compliance and filing. However, changing the company secretary requires you to first terminate all liabilities and transactions with the current one through cessation, prior to a new appointment. Also, you need to complete the ND2A form (Change of company secretary in Hong Kong form) with the below information:

    For Cessation

    • Company Number and Name
    • Cessation to Act as Company Secretary/Director
    • Particulars of Company Secretary
    • Cessation Details
    • References

    For Appointment

    • Capacity
    • Detailed of the to-be company secretary
    • Signature

    In short, you will need to supply the correct documentation about the change of company secretary for your business. A professional accounting  provider can check if your corporation is compliant with financial regulations. Once validated, proceed to submit your required documents to change company secretary.

  • When to change your Company Secretary?

    A properly functioning, credible and reliable company secretary is integral to business performance. When contemplating a notice of change of company secretary and director, lookout for negative signs or failures. First, an incompetent company secretary will not be well-versed with the federal laws. This can lead you to unknowingly conduct illegal activities and face severe penalties. Second, they are slow. And this can disrupt deadlines and degrade your growth. Another possibility is the inability to understand the inner-workings and culture of your corporation.

  • How can Osome help?

    At Osome, we have certified corporate secretaries with over ten years of experience. Their high-level expertise allows them to resolve complicated issues and attend to the specific needs of your company. When in need of detailed advice, the Osome company secretaries shall take the time to advise and suggest tailored solutions to the query.

    Osome has designated bots to take care of the routine company secretary tasks. In this, deadlines are tracked, reminders sent, statutory documents created, all automatically. So your reports are filed quickly and the mundane tasks of filling in shareholder data and other regular corporate administration no longer take up your time. What’s more, our bots are reliable, and they are always online. And the Osome accounting experts are on-hand to help with everything else.

    This combination simplifies your corporate secretary operations, what’s more, our fixed monthly price makes it easy for you to keep track of your accounting costs, so you don’t ever have to worry about paying more than your subscription fee. Regardless of how many accounting tasks you need help with each period, our accounts team are always on-hand to assist you with any queries about the corporate secretary function and accounting for your business.

    When switching your secretary, the transition needs to be seamless. Therefore, we get in touch with your current secretary if you have one, take over the documents and get the resignation signed. It’s that easy to change your company secretary with Osome.

    As part of our company secretary services, we cover:

    • Yearly return filing
    • AGM meetings and preparation
    • Name change of company
    • Name change of officers
    • Change in corporate address
    • Business activities change
    • Shares transfer and allotment

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