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New MOM Law: Dependant Pass Holders To Apply for Work Passes From May 1 2021

Foreigners with Dependent’s Passes will be required to apply for a work pass from May 1 and will no longer have the option to work with a letter of consent. Read what this means for you as an employer.

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How to Apply and Become Permanent Resident in Singapore

Permanent residency gets you as close to being a Singapore citizen as possible: you get all the same rights and benefits except being able to vote and hold public office. We look at the requirements, the documents you need to prepare, the timeline and chances for approval or rejection.


Tech.Pass: What Tech Entrepreneurs Need to Know about this latest Work Pass in SG

A new work pass dedicated to foreign technological experts has been introduced in Singapore to enable “the movers and shakers of the tech world” to bring in their expertise and create disruptive innovation.

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Hiring Foreign Talent: The Difference Between an Employment Pass and S Pass

Once you’ve registered your company in Singapore, and start looking to expand your operations. You might want to hire talent from overseas. Find out the difference between S-Pass and Employment so you can hire correctly and stay compliant.

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Hong Kong Work Visa: A Fuss-Free Guide to Apply for One

If you’re an entrepreneur planning on relocating to Hong Kong, here’s all you need to know about applying for a work visa and how the process works.

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How an Entrepreneur Can Move to Hong Kong and Bring Along Their Team

Hong Kong employment visas can be pretty hard to get, so we created this quick guide to help you understand how to apply for one and assess your chances before you make the move. We break down the rules and describe the application process.

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Why Become a Singapore Citizen?

For those who have obtained a Permanent Resident (PR) status in Singapore, the next natural step would be to convert their PR into a Singaporean Citizenship (SC). A PR provides a person with clear advantages over a foreign citizen, but having citizenship takes these benefits a step further.

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How To Apply for Singapore Citizenship and Become a Citizen?

Technically, there are very few requirements to apply for citizenship: you must be a Permanent Resident for at least 2 years, you must be employed and be at least 21 years old. Sounds easy, yet there are nuances.


How to Emigrate to Singapore and Get Citizenship?

We explain how to move to Singapore, get a work visa, apply for Permanent Resident status and receive citizenship, looking at the requirements, eligibility and timelines.

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How To Open a Company and Move to Singapore Under Employment Pass?

You plan to open a business in Singapore (or already have) and want to move there. The most common relocation option is Employment Pass — a visa that your company applies for and invites you to work. Find out what it takes and why it’s the easiest way in our simple guide.

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