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Industry-Specific Corporate Tax Incentives

Trading, banking or just innovative idea — all of this might be granted a corporate tax incentive in Singapore. Osome outlines what tax reliefs and reductions for business Singapore has to offer.


Withholding Tax in Singapore

Transferring money to a non-resident of Singapore will, in most cases, make you pay withholding tax on it. Osome covers who is seen as a non-resident, how to reduce the tax and what the due date is.


Singapore Corporate Income Tax: Rates, System, Reliefs

You make a profit — you pay a corporate income tax. We tell what the current tax rate is, how to reduce the sum you pay and do the counting.


IR8A: Income Info on Your Employees

In Singapore, employers gather information about their employees’ earnings and submit it to IRAS. That is what IR8A and some other forms are about. Let’s have a closer look

Running My Business

All You Need to Know About IRAS (Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore)

Top Singaporean tax body — Inland Revenue Authority (or IRAS) deals with collecting taxes and helping out the government with any tax matters. Osome guides you through its functions and structure.

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