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Christos Fellas

Christos Fellas Saves 25 Hours per Month on Accounting

Here's how multi-hyphenate Christos Fellas channelled the time saved from managing his accounting to building a following helping businesses set up and create new income streams

25 hours

of manpower saved per month

100% time

saved on low-level tasks

Less stress

due to digitised paperwork


Christos Fellas

Member since

October 2020

Line of work


Meet Amazon Seller & Entrepreneur, Christos Fellas

Meet Christos Fellas, an entrepreneur, investor, multi-channel ecommerce seller, and YouTuber based in Norwich, United Kingdom.

The multi-hyphenate revealed to us how he started his YouTube channel two years ago with one purpose, to document his progress as an entrepreneur and investor in the world of business and to help as many people as he can by sharing his knowledge and learning along the way. In this short period, he has created hundreds of videos, built a small but solid following, and helped thousands of businesses to set up and create a new stream of income.

I started my business over 4 years ago where I found a book at a Carboot sale for 50p and sold it online for 42 pounds. Being able to quit my job to work on my businesses full time & live life on my terms is worth the hard work it takes to build multiple streams of incomes across different industries.

Christos Fellas,Founder & CEO, CK Trading Group

The Challenge: Figuring Out How To Get His Books In Order

As someone who wears many hats, Christos Fellas knows the importance of working efficiently. Since working with Osome’s ecommerce accounting package, he has saved 25 hours a month, especially from spending time getting overwhelmed from trying to figure out how to put his books in order.

Previously, he had worked with general accountants with no experience in the field of ecommerce and got into trouble as they had no knowledge in the industry.

The Solution: How a Reliable Accounting Partner Helps To Save 25 Hours a Month

He realised that it is vital to have someone that understands the business he runs inside out. The bad experience also opened his eyes to the savings that working with the right accountant can give him in the long term through the right advice.

Osome has 100% helped me understand the world of ecommerce accounting. In the past, when I had meetings with my accountants, I would always walk away more confused and overwhelmed. I have not felt that once so far with Osome.

Christos Fellas, Founder & CEO, CK Trading Group

Fellas also appreciates how Osome helps him save time and money as if there was an additional headcount to help him out. Compared to the past, where he used to spend hours on his accounts every week, he now spends just 1h on his accounts.

Osome also has an app handy for busy professionals like Christos Fellas, who recognises the convenience of the app, especially the feature of uploading receipts on the go.

Advice for Ecommerce Entrepreneurs Out There

Try your best if possible to reinvest as much money as you can into your business at the start. This will help you grow as quickly as possible. Taking money out will only halt your growth. If you have a 9-5 job alongside running your business, try to stay in that job for as long as you can.


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