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Warehouse Collectible

Warehouse Collectible: How Stress-Free Accounting Helped Grow the Business

Here’s how Warehouse Collectible grew from 
a part-time reseller on Amazon to a limited company with accounting from Osome.

15 hours

a week saved on manual entry while improving accuracy


of accounting effort shifted into finding items for reselling


deeper insights via reporting and dashboards


Warehouse Collectible

Member since

May 2021

Line of work


Meet Warehouse Collectible: a Part-Time Reseller on Amazon FBA and eBay

For years, Nicholas has enjoyed thrifting and reselling his finds, so he set up Warehouse Collectible on Amazon and eBay to share those finds with like-minded individuals.

From reselling toys and software kits to YouTube video recording and editing gear and much more, Warehouse Collectible has become a one-stop platform for toys and software.

However, as Nicholas started selling more, his taxes as a self-employed individual grew proportionately. It was time to explore ways of reducing his tax and National Insurance Contribution (NIC) liabilities. 

Warehouse Collectibles toy cars

The Challenge: Facing New Processes & Uncertainty as a Limited Company

After making the switch from self-employed to selling as a limited company, seller 
fees were one of the many administrative tasks Nicoholas was faced with handling.

As his company grew they also needed to hire more staff, which meant setting up payroll processes. With so many new regulations, alongside entering unchartered territory, Nicholas decided to seek help. 

Warehouse Collectibles toy soldiers

The Solution: OIutsourcing the Ecommerce Accounting Function to Osome 

Nick feels confident in relying on Osome.

 I was looking for someone who actually understands the multiple seller fees involved in Amazon and I know I have the right guys with Osome. Now, I have an accountant that actually understands how ecommerce businesses work. If I have any questions, I can actually use the Osome app and contact them directly. 

Nicholas Dinos Markopouliotis,Founder & CEO

From corporation tax to payroll, Osome has assisted Nick with all of the corporate admin and accounting tasks that slow down entrepreneurs just like him, freeing him to focus on activities that grow his company. 

Word of Advice for Young and Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Learning how to manage a stressful workload is an important part of being an entrepreneur, but you can always look for help instead of taking everything on by yourself. As Nick says:

I would actually recommend Osome accounting to anyone looking to level up their ecommerce business and experience stress-free accounting.

Nicholas Dinos Markopouliotis,Founder & CEO

Acquiring your products or defining your business model is the first step, then there’s bookkeeping to take care of. If you wish to relieve yourself of the accounting for your ecommerce business , we’re here to help.

Osome connects directly to all of your marketplaces, uploading your financial statements from there. We then transform them into books, reports, and tax filings, and if you sell outside the UK, we file your VAT accordingly. Leave it to us to take the routine out of your workload, so you can focus on more important tasks.


Selling via Paypal on Amazon and Square on Etsy? Sure. Whatever your case, someone at Osome has handled it before and will answer in the chat within 24 hours. Simply connect your Amazon, Shopify, or any platform you use, in just 2 minutes. Osome convert their statements into easy-to-read reports.

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