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Paul R Palmer

How Paul R Palmer Turned the Pain of Bookkeeping Into a Source of Relief

Here’s how Paul R Palmer went from struggling with keeping his records up to date to getting his books done in minutes

3 hours

of manpower saved per week

Less stress

due to paperwork digitise


reduction in manual data entry


Paul R Palmer

Member since

March 2021

Line of work

Pharmaceutical Consultancy

Enter Paul R Palmer: A Pharmaceutical Consultancy

For Paul, starting out wasn’t easy. Due to cash flow issues, he had to apply for a contract role via an agency to bridge cash flow while he grew the company. Within less than a year, the company grew from zero to a 6-figure income.

Today, Paul offers his pharmaceutical expertise with a range of services from general advice, product license support to pharmaceutical quality system support.

The Problem: Bookkeeping Frustration

Although Paul’s company saw healthy growth, he struggled with keeping his records up to date. As a result, invoices went overdue, and he was unaware of the company’s current status. In 2016, the company’s expenses were out of control, but this was not detailed carefully and complicated bookkeeping matters.

The Solution: From a Pain Point To a Source of Relief

Thankfully, Paul was able to outsource his bookkeeping to a trustworthy partner such as Osome. With books done in minutes, Paul no longer has to spend hours retracing old invoices, saving him 3 extra hours every week so he could focus on other aspects of the business. Real numbers are also reflected in day-to-day dynamics from all connected banks, so Paul can always efficiently keep tabs on the company’s current status.

Wise Words of Advice for Entrepreneurs

Starting a business is easy, but it is difficult to grow and sustain a substantial one. It requires hard work and persistence, from bridging cash flow, bookkeeping to marketing and beyond, but you don’t always have to do everything by yourself.

Focus on your best skills and hire others with their best skills to do the rest.

Paul R Palmer,Director, Paul R Palmer Limited


Don’t be afraid to seek help when you need it, so you can concentrate better on what you do best. At Osome, we have a dedicated accounting team assigned to your company who knows your business and books. We answer fast in a chat, even late at night and on weekends. Talk to us today!

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