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Cornish Supplying Co.

How Cornish Supplying Co. Grew by Finding Balance

Cornish Supplying Co. is a young company working with Cornish businesses to find alternative suppliers to stock their products. It quickly scaled up to provide these services in-house and additionally offer renovation services for education and corporate clients, quickly taking off.

20 hours

saved weekly on the admin and paperwork


time held on the invoice chasing


data tracking allowed us to stop crunching numbers


Cornish Supplying Co.

Member since

May 2021

Line of work

Retail sales via mail order or the Internet

No Plan B

James Pinder, one of the founders of Cornish Supplying Co., loves the freedom of running his own business and can't imagine going back to work for anybody else.

"I had friends with different businesses around Cornwall. I saw a gap in the market, and without realizing it, we'd set up our own company. It was a very natural beginning…for me, there was never a plan B."

The Biggest Small Businesses Challenge

Like many up-and-coming entrepreneurs, James underestimated the amount of work launching a small business involves. 

"I thought starting up the company would have been liberating. I just pick and choose my hours. I didn't realize that a start-up business is so tough." 

The challenge for James now was keeping up with the admin and paperwork that comes with every successful new business venture. 

Taking the Load off Makes Good Business Sense

Everything became more manageable once James discovered Osome. He was no longer spending any precious time crunching numbers. He now had the time to focus on aspects of his business that excited him the most.

I realised my time was better spent focusing on other aspects of the business. Discovering Osome allowed me to do this. Everything just got a little bit easier. 

James Pinder,CEO & Director

Avoiding Burn Out 

Osome helped James keep sight of everything he loves about owning a business, find balance, and stay passionate about what he does. 

“It's easy to let the business take over in the beginning. You want to put 110% into it. But by doing so, you lose touch with everything you love. So it is about finding the balance between the two. Osome has helped me not burn out.”

Want To Start a New Business? Just Do It! 

So you have an excellent idea for a business but are nervous about the extra work involved? 

James's story should remind us that when starting up, every company will underestimate the admin and paperwork involved. It's a reality that so many of us aren't prepared for, but it doesn't have to be that way. 

Osome has been essential as our business has grown. They've been immensely helpful with our cash flow issues and helped us save so much time. If you're thinking about starting a small business, my advice would be, ‘just do it.’

James Pinder,CEO & Director

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