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Merch Masters

How Merch Masters Uses Accounting To Grow The Business

Here’s how Merch Masters intend to grow their business to a 7-figure company, by outsourcing their bookkeeping and accounting to Osome so they can focus on the core business at hand

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Merch Masters

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Meet Merch Masters: A Merchandise Agency

Merch Masters is a merchandise agency set up in London. Founded by Kieza Silveira De Sousa, they help clothing brands, creators, musicians, design agencies, and businesses to design, manufacture, launch and run their own clothing brands on ecommerce platforms. With clients ranging from solopreneurs to corporate companies like Warner Music Group and Accenture, Merch Masters have been growing steadily since they started.

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The Goal: To Be a 7‑Figure Company

Although they have been around since 2017, Merch Masters still wants to grow bigger.

“We want to work with well-known businesses and artists within the near future. Numbers-wise, we want to be a 7-figure company by year 5 and employ four full-time employees alongside part-time contractors and casual workers. It’s important for us that we are able to provide employment and opportunities to young people so that they can develop a career with us.”

In order to do so, a reliable accounting partner plays a pivotal role.

The Solution: Finding the Right Accounting Partner

Merch Masters is currently using Osome’s cloud accounting service. Osome’s easy-to-access app on mobile and desktop makes it easy and simple for Kieza to get bookkeeping and accounting work done for his company Merch Masters. The chat function on the app allows him to communicate quickly to his accountants to clear doubts and receive any advice.

In the past, I’ve had accountants and bookkeepers who were not completely transparent with their practices. However, Osome’s accountants are clear, responsive and proactive in giving advice and guidance when I need it. They do a great job.

Kieza Silveira De Sousa,Founder & CEO, Merch Masters

Kieza also appreciates how simple and easy it is to use the Osome app.

”Tightening up our financial operations and procedures is easier with the Osome platform. Filing away invoices and receipts is quick and easy and we feel more confident that we can trust the financial reports that we generate because of it.”


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