Allotment of shares in Singapore

According to Companies Act, Allotment of shares is a procedure of creating and issuing shares, either for new or existing shareholders. To initiate the process, the directors must get the existing shareholders’ approval at a general meeting.

Essential Secretary

All fees included

Good for a small company or a business with a settled structure.

It includes gov fees and covers all mandatory annual procedures. You don’t pay anything on top unless you decide to change the name or address, issue new shares, etc.


  • S$60 Annual Filing government fee
  • Corporate Secretary routine Annual Filing and AGM preparation

Additionally, not included in the package

  • Non-Share Related Changes

    per change
  • Share Related Changes (per Shareholder, excl. Stamp Duty)

    per change
  • Corporate shareholder

    per shareholder

Unlimited Secretary

All fees included

Good the first year as you shape your organization, or for a larger business.

You won’t pay for each change. This all-inclusive package covers all standard resolutions like distributing dividends, changing address or adding shareholders.


  • S$60 Annual Filing government fee
  • Corporate Secretary routine Annual Filing and AGM preparation
  • Change in Company Name
  • Change in Officers
  • Change in Address
  • Change in Business Activity
  • Registration of Particulars Relating to Charges
  • Distribution of Dividends
  • Change in Officers Particulars
  • Allotment of Shares
  • Transfer of Shares (excl. Stamp Duty)
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What is the share allotment procedure?

There are four things the secretary will address before the allotment:

  • The general meeting-related papers: Directors’ Resolutions in Writing to convene the EGM, Notice of EGM, Proxy Forms (if necessary), Attendance List, Minutes of EGM
  • Directors’ Resolutions in Writing noting the issuance and allotment of shares
  • Lodgment with ACRA
  • Preparation of new Share Certificate(s).

After the new Share Certificates have been issued, the company secretary will update the company’s register of allotments and register of shareholders.

What meeting does a company convene if there are shares to allot?

This subject may be on the agenda of an Annual General Meeting. If the members’ approval is required some time before or after the AGM, the company may hold an Extraordinary General Meeting. Depending on the composition of the company’s shareholders, different documentation will be prepared to hold the EGM.