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eBay Fee Calculator

We’ve come up with this calculator as a way for Singapore ecommerce sellers to asses their profits and costs. This is not an official eBay tool, but it’s a great way to get an estimate on how to price your items. If you want something tailored for your business, get in touch with our ecommerce accountants.

Selling information

Item price is the amount a customer pays for the product. Shipping charge is what you charge customers for each delivery.


Item cost is what your supplier charges you for the product. Shipping cost is what your supplier charges for delivery.

Payment method
Optional Features

Additional paid features to boost your eBay listing

Total costsS$0
Final value feeS$0
PayPal feeS$0
Items cost (0 items × S$0)S$0
Shipping cost (0 items × S$0)S$0
Total profitS$0
Profit margin0%

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How it works

Let's explore eBay seller fees

As an eBay seller, you're likely focused on profits. You make money by selling items to customers, while eBay earns through account fees per sale. Misunderstanding these fees can erode your margins, but mastering cost distribution ensures a healthy profit for all involved. Let's explore how to achieve this.

Insertion Fee & Optional Features in Singapore

In Singapore you don’t need to pay for Insertion Fees or Final Value Fees on the Auction and Fixed Price formats. However, you will have to pay a Final Value Fee in case your item sells.

So after selling an item, you will pay:

Total Selling Cost = Insertion Fee + Final Value Fee + any other optional Listing Upgrade Fees.

There is an Insertion Fee, though, when you list an item on other eBay paid sites, such as eBay US, UK, or Australia.

Some Optional Features can help increase the odds of a sale. All the features are not subject to GST.

Insertion Fee & Optional Features in Singapore

Reserve Price feature

A reserve price shows the minimum price a seller wants to sell an item for. On eBay Singapore the Reserve Fee is S$3.50 for the Reserve Price from S$0.01 to S$349.99. If your Reserve Price is S$350.00 and higher, you will pay 1% of reserve price.

Reserve Price feature

Seller Tool feature

It’s an online selling tool that lets you stay on top of your listings, track sales, and perform post-sales tasks such as handling feedback, email, and shipping.

If you are a medium to high volume seller, you can free manage your listing with the Selling Manager tool. It helps you manage and track your sales.

Selling manager Pro tool will cost you S$6.50 a month, and we suggest you go for it if you are a high volume seller or run your small business. It includes multiple item listing and smart sales management, statistics and reporting. You can also design your listings with HTML templates.

Seller Tool feature

Listing Upgrade feature

Listing Upgrade is an additional feature designed to improve seller sales by increasing product visibility.

The option to upload photos to the Gallery is free. You can add up to 12 photos to make your listing more appealing and increase sales. The first uploaded picture will be previewed free of charge.

Customise your listing and add themes with a free Listing designer tool.

To list your item in 2 categories, you will have to pay double the amount of all fees.

You can add a Subtitle to your item for S$0.40 to interest the buyer by providing more descriptive information about the subject.

You can Schedule your listing up to 3 weeks beforehand for S$0.10.

You can also upgrade your listing by making it run for 10 days for a price of S$0.30.

Listing Upgrade feature

Revenue and Profit

Revenue is the money you make by selling your products and services. Here’s how yo calculate it: take the number of items you sell and multiply by the sales price you charge. You can also use average price per item.

Revenue = Sales × Average Price of Service or Sales Price

Profit is what’s left of your revenue once you deduct all the business expenses. The easiest way to calculate profit per each item is to use the following profit formula:

Profit = Price – Cost

Net profit margin is your net income divided by total sales revenue.

Net Profit Margin = Net Income ÷ Total Sales

Revenue and Profit


  • What are eBay fees?

    If it’s your first time selling on eBay, it would be worth your time to find out what fees you will have to pay to eBay. You will be charged some basic fees when you list an item, and when you sell it. The fees can add up unexpectedly. Calculating the fees will help you with your pricing on the items you list to make a profit from what you are selling.

    eBay Singapore does not charge sellers fees for Insertion Fees, or the listing fee. It also does not charge you on Final Value Fees on the Auction and Fixed Price formats. However, if you were to list your products on other eBay paid sites like eBay UK, US, or Australia, you could be charged an Insertion Fee. If you sell the item, you would also be charged a Final Value Fee. On those sites, the total cost of selling an item is the Insertion Fee, Final Value Fee, and other optional fees.

    Other optional fees that you should be aware of are Listing Upgrade Fees, Picture Hosting Fees, and Seller Tool Fees.

  • How much are eBay selling fees in Singapore

    eBay Singapore is a free site and does not charge Insertion or Final Value Fees. The cost you would pay depends on factors like:

    1. Total fees calculated based on your selling format

    2. Optional listing upgrades

    3. The category your product falls in

    These are the fees to consider when selling on eBay in Singapore.

    Insertion Fees:

    When you start selling an item on eBay, you would need to create a listing on the website. Use the Sell Your Item form. On Singapore eBay, this is free. However, on other eBay sites, there is an Insertion Fee for listing. It is based on the Starting Price of your product.

    Final Value Fee:

    If you manage to sell your item, you are charged a Final Value Fee on eBay US, UK, or Australia. This is based on the final amount the item sells for. On eBay Singapore, it is free.

    Listing Upgrade Fee:

    If you want to add an additional subtitle or photo to your listing, there is a charge added. This depends on the category and formats your product is listed in.

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