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In Singapore, Standard Industrial Classification (SSIC) codes indicate what your company does and in what field. The Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA) demands that businesses submit the SSIC code when incorporating. Use our free SSIC Search (2015, updated 2023 version) to find the code corresponding to your business activity.

Top list of SSIC codes

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  • SSIC Code 46900

    Wholesale trade of a variety of goods without a dominant product

  • SSIC Code 68201

    Real estate agencies and valuation services

  • SSIC Code 62011

    Development of software and applications (except games and cybersecurity)

  • SSIC Code 64202

    Other holding companies

  • SSIC Code 70201

    Management consultancy services

  • SSIC Code 70209

    Management consultancy services n.e.c.

  • SSIC Code 73100

    Advertising activities

  • SSIC Code 85491

    Corporate training services and motivational course providers

  • SSIC Code 62090

    Other information technology and computer service activities

  • SSIC Code 63120

    Web portals


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    See the difference

    A comparison of the number of codes at various levels between SSIC 2020 and SSIC 2015 (Version 2018) is shown in the following table:

    SSIC 2020SSIC 2015 (Version 2018)
    • A — Agriculture and Fishing
    • B — Mining and Quarrying
    • C — Manufacturing
    • D — Electricity, Gas, Steam & Air-Conditioning Supply
    • E — Water Supply; Sewerage, Waste Management and Remediation Activities
    • F — Construction
    • G — Wholesale and Retail Trade
    • H — Transportation and Storage
    • I — Accommodation and Food Service Activities
    • J — Information and Communications
    • K — Financial and Insurance Activities
    • L — Real Estate Activities
    • M — Professional, Scientific and Technical Activities
    • N — Administrative and Support Service Activities
    • O — Public Administration and Defence
    • P — Education
    • Q — Health and Social Services
    • R — Arts, Entertainment and Recreation
    • S — Other Service Activities
    • T — Activities of Households as Employers of Domestic Personnel
    • U — Activities of Extra-Territorial Organisations and Bodies
    • V — Activities not Adequately Defined

    What’s new with SSIC update in November 2021

    What’s new with SSIC update in November 2021
    What’s new with SSIC update in November 2021

    Singapore government updated SSIC list in November 2021, which is the fourteenth edition of the SSIC. Here’s what’s new:

    • There are more than +1,000 new unique examples in the alphabetical index
    • A lot of new codes introduced aim at tracking emerging economic activities like online business activities
    • Some categories have been merged into one
    • A few more categories were deleted or renamed
    Examples of changed SSIC codes

    John gives out personal lessons on history online. His business used to fall under SSIC code 85509: Education Support Services N.E.C. It will now change to SSIC code 63203: Online marketplaces for education services.

    Lee has an online dress shop. Her business used to fall under SSIC code 47910: Retail Sales via the Internet (with income mainly from online sales). She has to change it to SSIC code 47711: retail sales of clothing for Adults.

    Do I need to register
    a new SSIC code?

    Do I need to register a new SSIC code?

    For the majority of news codes, ACRA assigns the new ones automatically based on the latest track record of the company activities it has. If the automatic code doesn’t reflect your primary occupation accurately, you need to choose one that does, prepare a Board Resolution to change your code accordingly, and file the change with ACRA. This job is a responsibility of your Corporate Secretary. Companies that fail to notify the registrar about their right economic unit will face a fine of up to S$5,000.

    At Osome, we proactively reach out to our clients to handle the documents and avoid this penalty. If you’re serviced by another provider, make sure they follow up on the change.

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    Most common SSIC
    code categories


    • SSIC Code 70202

      Management consultancy services for healthcare organisations

    • SSIC Code 70203

      Management consultancy services for hotels

    • SSIC Code 70204

      Human resource consultancy services

    • SSIC Code 70206

      Port, shipping and maritime-related consultancy services

    • SSIC Code 70209

      Management consultancy services n.e.c.

    • SSIC Code 71121

      General building engineering design and consultancy services

    • SSIC Code 71122

      Process and industrial plant engineering design and consultancy services

    • SSIC Code 70201

      Management consultancy services

    • SSIC Code 70205

      Public relations, marketing and brand consultancy services

    • SSIC Code 71123

      Engineering design and consultancy services in energy management and

    • SSIC Code 71125

      Infrastructure engineering design and consultancy services

    • SSIC Code 71126

      Engineering design and consultancy services supporting mining, oil and gas

    • SSIC Code 71129

      Engineering design and consultancy activities n.e.c.

    • SSIC Code 74902

      Brokerage and consultancy services of intellectual property assets

    • SSIC Code 74903

      Agrotechnology consultancy services

    • SSIC Code 74904

      Carbon consultancy services

    • SSIC Code 62021

      Information technology consultancy (except cybersecurity)

    • SSIC Code 71124

      Environmental engineering design and consultancy services


    • SSIC Code 46304

      Wholesale of confectionery and bakery products

    • SSIC Code 46305

      Wholesale of ice-cream

    • SSIC Code 46306

      Wholesale of health supplements

    • SSIC Code 46307

      Wholesale of liquor, soft drinks and beverages

    • SSIC Code 46308

      Wholesale of tobacco products

    • SSIC Code 46309

      Wholesale of food, beverages and tobacco n.e.c. (including dried or canned)

    • SSIC Code 46411

      Wholesale of textiles and leathers

    • SSIC Code 46412

      Wholesale of adults' clothing

    • SSIC Code 46414

      Wholesale of footwear

    • SSIC Code 46415

      Wholesale of bags, luggage and travel accessories

    • SSIC Code 46421

      Wholesale of jewellery made from precious metals and stones

    • SSIC Code 46422

      Wholesale of costume jewellery

    • SSIC Code 46423

      Wholesale of watches and clocks

    • SSIC Code 46424

      Wholesale of cosmetics and toiletries

    • SSIC Code 46429

      Wholesale of personal effects n.e.c.

    • SSIC Code 46431

      Wholesale of furniture (including mattresses, cushions)

    • SSIC Code 46432

      Wholesale of furnishings (including curtains, carpets, wallpaper)

    • SSIC Code 46433

      Wholesale of lighting and lighting accessories

    • SSIC Code 46434

      Wholesale of crockery, cutlery and kitchen utensils

    • SSIC Code 46436

      Wholesale of audio and video equipment except electrical and electronic

    • SSIC Code 46437

      Wholesale of musical instruments and scores

    • SSIC Code 46439

      Wholesale of furniture, home furnishings and other household equipment n.e.c.

    • SSIC Code 46442

      Wholesale of music and video recordings (e.g. DVDs, Blu-ray discs)

    • SSIC Code 46443

      Wholesale of toys and games

    • SSIC Code 46449

      Wholesale of sporting and other recreational goods n.e.c.

    • SSIC Code 46451

      Wholesale of antiques and works of art

    • SSIC Code 46452

      Wholesale of handicrafts and gifts

    • SSIC Code 46453

      Wholesale of artificial flowers and plants

    • SSIC Code 46459

      Wholesale of handicrafts and fancy goods n.e.c.

    • SSIC Code 46461

      Wholesale of medicinal and pharmaceutical products (Western)

    • SSIC Code 46462

      Wholesale of medicine and herbs (other than Western)

    • SSIC Code 46471

      Wholesale of paper and paper products

    • SSIC Code 46472

      Wholesale of packaging materials

    • SSIC Code 46473

      Wholesale of stationery

    • SSIC Code 46474

      Wholesale of books and magazines

    • SSIC Code 46479

      Wholesale of paper, paper and cellophane products and stationery n.e.c.

    • SSIC Code 46491

      Wholesale of optical equipment and supplies (excluding binoculars)

    • SSIC Code 46492

      Wholesale of photographic equipment and supplies (including binoculars)

    • SSIC Code 46499

      Wholesale of other household goods n.e.c.

    • SSIC Code 46512

      Wholesale of computer software (except games and cybersecurity software)

    • SSIC Code 46513

      Wholesale of computer accessories (e.g. memory cards, computer cables)

    • SSIC Code 46514

      Wholesale of cybersecurity software, hardware and peripheral equipment

    • SSIC Code 46521

      Wholesale of telecommunications equipment (excluding handphones)

    • SSIC Code 46522

      Wholesale of electronic components

    • SSIC Code 46530

      Wholesale of agricultural machinery, equipment and supplies

    • SSIC Code 46541

      Wholesale of industrial machinery and equipment (e.g. industrial crane)

    • SSIC Code 46592

      Wholesale of medical, professional, scientific and precision equipment

    • SSIC Code 46599

      Wholesale of other machinery and equipment n.e.c.

    • SSIC Code 46620

      Wholesale of metals and metal ores (e.g. steel pipes) except general hardware

    • SSIC Code 46631

      Wholesale of logs, sawn timber, plywood and related products

    • SSIC Code 46632

      Wholesale of general hardware (e.g. locks, hinges)

    • SSIC Code 46633

      Wholesale of structural clay and concrete products (e.g. mosaic tiles, bricks)

    • SSIC Code 46523

      Wholesale of handphones, handphone peripheral equipment and other telecommunications equipment

    • SSIC Code 46595

      Wholesale of security and safety equipment

    • SSIC Code 46634

      Wholesale of paints (including varnishes and supplies)

    • SSIC Code 46635

      Wholesale of glass

    • SSIC Code 46639

      Wholesale of construction materials, hardware, plumbing and heating

    • SSIC Code 46641

      Wholesale of basic industrial chemicals (except fertilisers)

    • SSIC Code 46642

      Wholesale of chemical fertilisers

    • SSIC Code 46643

      Wholesale of petrochemical products

    • SSIC Code 46649

      Wholesale of chemicals and chemical products n.e.c.

    • SSIC Code 46651

      Wholesale of scrap, junk and waste dealers

    • SSIC Code 46659

      Wholesale of other intermediate products, waste and scrap n.e.c.

    • SSIC Code 46900

      Wholesale trade of a variety of goods without a dominant product

    • SSIC Code 64130

      Wholesale banks

    • SSIC Code 46302

      Wholesale of livestock, meat, poultry, eggs and seafood

    • SSIC Code 46303

      Wholesale of a general line (wide range) of groceries

    • SSIC Code 46413

      Wholesale of children and infants’ clothing

    • SSIC Code 46416

      Wholesale of sewing and clothing accessories

    • SSIC Code 46435

      Wholesale of household electrical appliances and equipment

    • SSIC Code 46441

      Wholesale of sporting goods and equipment

    • SSIC Code 46444

      Wholesale of computer games

    • SSIC Code 46511

      Wholesale of computer hardware and peripheral equipment

    • SSIC Code 46551

      Wholesale of marine equipment and accessories

    • SSIC Code 46552

      Wholesale of aircraft equipment and supplies

    • SSIC Code 46593

      Wholesale of commercial food service equipment

    • SSIC Code 46594

      Wholesale of service establishment equipment and supplies

    • SSIC Code 46219

      Wholesale of agricultural raw materials and live animals n.e.c. (excluding tropical produce)

    • SSIC Code 46610

      Wholesale of fuels and related products

    • SSIC Code 85406

      Training courses for wholesale trade, logistics and transport

    • SSIC Code 46211

      Wholesale of cut flowers and plants

    • SSIC Code 46212

      Wholesale of aquarium fishes (including food and accessories)

    • SSIC Code 46100

      Wholesale on a fee or commission basis (excluding online marketplaces)

    • SSIC Code 46213

      Wholesale of pet birds and animals (including food and accessories)

    • SSIC Code 46221

      Wholesale of rubber (including rubber brokers)

    • SSIC Code 46222

      Wholesale of pepper and other spices

    • SSIC Code 46223

      Wholesale of coffee, cocoa and tea

    • SSIC Code 46224

      Wholesale of coconut

    • SSIC Code 46225

      Wholesale of palm oil

    • SSIC Code 46229

      Wholesale of tropical produce n.e.c.

    • SSIC Code 46301

      Wholesale of fruits and vegetables (including fresh and frozen)

    • SSIC Code 46542

      Wholesale of construction equipment (e.g. concrete mixer)

    • SSIC Code 46543

      Wholesale of lifts, escalators and industrial and office air-conditioning

    • SSIC Code 46544

      Wholesale of electrical and wiring accessories

    • SSIC Code 46549

      Wholesale of industrial, construction and related machinery and

    • SSIC Code 46559

      Wholesale of transport equipment except motor vehicles and motorcycles

    • SSIC Code 46561

      Wholesale of motor vehicles except motorcycles and scooters

    • SSIC Code 46562

      Wholesale of motorcycles and scooters

    • SSIC Code 46563

      Wholesale of parts and accessories for vehicles

    • SSIC Code 46591

      Wholesale of office machines and equipment (including accessories)

    B2B and Finance

    • SSIC Code 66192

      Corporate finance advisory services

    • SSIC Code 66301

      Traditional/Long-only asset/Portfolio management

    • SSIC Code 69202

      Book-keeping services (excluding online marketplaces)

    • SSIC Code 73100

      Advertising activities

    • SSIC Code 82999

      Other business support service activities (e.g. administration of loyalty programmes)

    • SSIC Code 69201

      Accounting and auditing services (excluding online marketplaces)

    • SSIC Code 66309

      Fund management activities n.e.c.

    Food and Beverage

    • SSIC Code 47219

      Retail sale of food n.e.c.

    • SSIC Code 56111


    • SSIC Code 56112


    • SSIC Code 56140

      Stalls selling cooked food and prepared drinks

    • SSIC Code 56122

      Food courts, coffee shops and canteens (with mainly food and beverage income)

    • SSIC Code 68104

      Letting and operating of self-owned or leased food courts, coffee shops and canteens (with mainly rental income)

    Shipping and Logistics

    • SSIC Code 30110

      Building and repairing of ships, tankers and other ocean-going vessels

    • SSIC Code 50021

      Shipping companies, including chartering of ships and boats with crew (freight)

    • SSIC Code 52292

      Freight transport arrangement

    • SSIC Code 52291

      Cargo surveying services

    • SSIC Code 52222

      Shipping agencies (freight)

    • SSIC Code 52226

      Ship management services

    • SSIC Code 52227

      Ship brokering services

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    • What does SSIC mean?

      The Singapore Standard Industrial Classification (SSIC) is a four-digit number that tells local authorities what a Singapore company’s primary source of revenue is.

      It is used by the Singapore government to analyse economic activity. Singapore uses the SSIC for its population, household, and industry censuses.

      Companies are required to register for the SSIC code, which is based on the internationally recognized standard for classification of all economic activities (ISIC).

      The SSIC code is purely administrative, and the registering company is not liable for additional reporting or tax. Data are collected by Singapore government bodies under the SSIC code for taxonomy purposes, such as compiling, presenting, and analysing current economic structures.

    • How many SSIC codes can a company have?

      There is a limit of two SSIC codes for a company. Companies with multiple activities/revenue streams may find it difficult to list on Bizfile, as ACRA allows only two business activities per company. In this case, the two activities having maximum revenue shall be listed with ACRA.

      Whenever you register a new company, ACRA will review your registration documents. To ensure that information is accurate and complete, some documents are sent to other government agencies. You may have to submit additional documentation to be approved for your business registration if you register for the wrong SSIC code.

    • How do I change an SSIC code?

      Just as your business is not static, so is the SSIC code list. Changes in the codes may mean that your company’s SSIC code is no longer valid. Meanwhile, your company may have changed its primary activity over time, and your SSIC is no longer relevant. If you are a director, it is your responsibility to keep it accurate.

      A wrong SSIC code may prevent you from getting the relevant permits or licenses unless you apply for the correct one. You may not be able to access government incentives targeted at specific business sectors. It is possible that the directors provided inaccurate public data.

      These codes can easily be checked online, so you don’t have to worry about getting the wrong one. To determine the correct category, seek professional advice if in doubt.

      A change of the SSIC code, whether due to the change introduced by the Department of Statistics or whether it is due to an actual change of principal activities driven by operational or economic needs, must be approved by the directors via formal directors’ resolutions.

      After submitting the SSIC code, it cannot be changed. In this case, you must withdraw the application and resubmit a new application with the correct SSIC code.

    • How to find a full SSIC codes list?

      The most recent version of the full SSIC Codes list can be found on the Department of Statistics' Singapore official website.

      In population, household and establishment surveys, census data and administrative databases, Singapore Standard Industrial Classification (SSIC) is used for the classification of economic activities performed by economic units. This system is based on the International Standard Industrial Classification of All Economic Activities (ISIC). The standards are regularly reviewed and updated to reflect significant changes in the structure of the Singapore economy and the emergence of new activities as well as to align with changes in international standards.

    • What Things Should I Know When Choosing SSIC?

      To incorporate your company, you will be asked to pick and submit an SSIC code — a number that identifies your future business entity as a restaurant or a wedding agency or a coffin maker. In other words, these codes indicate what your company does and in what field.

      To pursue adequate policies, Singapore needs to know what businesses are present in the country. A system of SSIC codes simplifies communication between the companies and the authorities. With the help of SSIC codes, the state collects the aggregated data, analyzes it and identifies trends. SSIC codes also help to determine whether a company needs a license or not.

    • What are the SSIC code limits for Singapore companies?

      A company may have a maximum of two SSIC codes. As ACRA only allows two business activities per company, companies with multiple activities/revenue streams may have difficulty listing on Bizfile. In this case, choose the two activities with the most revenue. ACRA will review your registration documents when you register a new company. Some documents are sent to other government agencies to ensure that the information is accurate and complete. If you register for the wrong SSIC code, you may need to submit additional documentation before your business registration is approved. Do check to ensure that there will be no delays on your incorporation.

    • How do I find my SSIC code?

      If you are a new company, then registering with the correct SSIC code is essential. To find out the correct SSIC code for the new company, you need to head over to the official Government site Bizfile here:

      1. Type words that describe your business activities in the search bar. Use the most common keywords for your industry. You can also try variations till the system pulls up a category that seems closest to your work.
      2. The site will show SSIC categories. You can select the one that is closest to your business activities. If you can't find anything relevant, then we recommend checking this detailed list.
    • How to check company SSIC code

      You can find any company’s SSCI code on the BizFile+ portal. Just search the company’s name (entity search), and you will find the SSIC Code under the company’s “Industry” section.

    • What Is ACRA Singapore?

      In Singapore, the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA) regulates the registration of business entities. ACRA is also referred to as the Registrar of Companies. Singapore Companies Registry (ROC) and ACRA are both used interchangeably for the same functions entity. In 2004, the Registry of Companies and Businesses merged with the Public Accountants’ Board to form ACRA

    • Why do I need to report about my business activity type?

      The Singapore government needs to know what businesses are present in the country to pursue the right policies for the benefit of the country. With the help of these SSIC codes, the state collects the information and analyzes the overall data to be aware of the trends.

      Recently ACRA has also requested companies to confirm their SSIC code and business activity during annual return filing with ACRA. The business activity has to be reflected correctly in ACRA records. ACRA’s records will hold whether there have been any changes in the SSIC code recently. This seems to be a part of the Singapore government’s initiative to properly and correctly classify the information pertaining to various industries for proper policy and decision making.

      So, it is absolutely necessary that the company’s business activity is correctly reflected in ACRA records at all times. This description of SSIC code can be changed anytime with ACRA using Bizfile without payment of any fees.

    • Can the incorporation be delayed because of the code I chose?

      ACRA reviews all registration documents when you register a new company. To make sure that the information is accurate and complete, some documents are sent to other government agencies. This may take up to 2 months and affect your incorporation date.

      Singapore Standard Industrial Classification (SSIC) is a four-digit number that shows local authorities what the main source of revenue is for Singaporean companies. Singapore uses it to analyze economic activity. Censuses of Singapore’s population, households, and industries are also based on the SSIC. In order to register for the SSIC code, companies must use the internationally recognized standard for classifying economic activities (ISIC).

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