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Here you can search a company name and see if there’s a business entity registered under it.



    Use this tool to check the business name availability. Mind that in Singapore a company name is considered taken even if you add the following elements to distinguish your name from the existing one:

    • Articles (Osome = The Osome)
    • A generic word (Osome = Osome Corporation = Osome International = Osome Singapore)
    • A business entity type (Osome = Osome Pte Ltd = Osome Limited)

    Contains information from "Entities Registered with ACRA", "Entities Registered with Other UEN Issuance Agencies" accessed on Feb 26, 2020 from which is made available under the terms of the Singapore Open Data Licence version 1.0

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    • How to choose a company name in Singapore?

      The key factor here is the business name availability. In Singapore, two companies can’t bear the same name. So you have to come up with a unique word or word combination. For a more detailed guide to select your Singapore company name, see our article 6 Steps to Starting a Business in Singapore.

    • When can a company register identical names?

      Unfortunately, this isn’t possible. However, if your desired name is taken, you may try extending it by adding words, e.g. instead of "Osome" you may try "Osome Super Robotics".

    • How to reserve a company name?

      Having chosen a name, you should file a name application with ACRA – the governing body of all companies in Singapore – or have your filing agent do that for you. At Osome, the company name validation is included in all the incorporation packages.

    • How to check if a business name is available?

      You may use the tool above or try out ACRA company name search at BizFile.

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