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Declare your personal expenses easily

Organise your personal expenses and stay compliant when you declare your personal spending with Osome. Upload receipts, select which category they fit into, and watch the deductions roll in.

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Declare your personal expenses <i>easily</i>
Expenses features

Get full control of your business finances

Upload your receipts

Upload your receipts

Drag and drop your receipts to instantly upload to your Osome account. They’ll be processed straight into accounting, where you can check on their status anytime.

Label your spending

Label your spending

Was that brunch you brought that client a business expense? Label your spending to get insights into where your money is going and clarity on what you can claim as an expense.

Stay compliant while getting more returns

Stay compliant while getting more returns

Checked by our expert accountants they’ll help lock in more returns and tax deductions for your business the compliant way.

Got questions? Chat with our local experts

Choose a convenient time to chat with our accounting experts and get the answers you need to take the next step.

Got questions? Chat&nbsp;with&nbsp;our local experts
What you get

Get things done with Osome

  • Integrations


    Connect your marketplaces and bank accounts to see real-time sales, returns, and fees and make smarter business decisions.

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  • Accounting


    Your dedicated accountant will know your business inside out, helping you manage your taxes, GST reports and more.

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  • Ecommerce


    Automate bookkeeping from all your sales platforms and lean on your accounting expert who understands ecommerce business.

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  • Reporting


    Сlearly see how your business is doing at any point in time, take action, and make your business more profitable.

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  • Invoices


    Understand how much money is coming into your cash flow, create and send invoices, and get paid faster.

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  • Payments


    Capture bills, receipts, and have a complete control over what’s due and when.

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Why Osome

Osome who?
We're glad you asked

We power small businesses with financial management tools and a dedicated accounting expert to maximise your business success.

Lean on your dedicated expert

Lean on your dedicated expert

You can't trust a robot for all your financial and business needs. So you'll get one of our friendly, loveable accounting experts as your dedicated go-to. Think of it as having a Financial Director – without the cost.

Smart software made for business owners

Smart software made for business owners

That said – robots are nice when used right. We automated menial tasks – collecting documents, recognising accounts, assigning tax rates, preparing draft reports, etc. Where necessary, our robots reroute their output to a human expert so that you can be compliant with confidence!


What our clients think about Osome services

Customer stories
“I use Osome to help me succeed”
Felix Lee, ADPList
“I use Osome to help me succeed”
Facts & numbers

91 %of customers recommend Osome services


“The good thing about Osome is that it saves a lot of time so I can do other things – the running of the business part.”

Jennifer Widjaja

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