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Online invoicing?
It's a breeze

Create and send invoices to get paid more quickly and stay on top of your cash flow.

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Online invoicing? <br><i>It's a breeze</i>
Invoicing features

Get full control of your business finances

Get paid faster with PayPal

Get paid faster with PayPal

Create invoices and give your customers secure way to pay. Activate PayPal and accept credit and debit card payments — your customers don’t even need a PayPal account.

Keep on top of your finances

Keep on top of your finances

Your dashboard gives you a quick and confident overview of all your invoices, what's due, what's overdue and what's been paid.

Get invoicing done quicker

Get invoicing done quicker

Set up your invoice template, save customer details and send invoices to customers quickly and easily.

Smart accounting uses your invoices for tax reporting

Smart accounting uses your invoices for tax reporting

You can focus on the important stuff with our app as it pulls your transactions, automatically applies tax codes, prepares tax records, and makes sure you're fully tax compliant.

Got questions? Chat with our local experts

Choose a convenient time to chat with our accounting experts and get the answers you need to take the next step.

Got questions? Chat&nbsp;with&nbsp;our local experts
What you get

Get things done with Osome

  • Integrations


    Connect your marketplaces and bank accounts to see real-time sales, returns, and fees and make smarter business decisions.

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  • Accounting


    Your dedicated accountant will know your business inside out, helping you manage your taxes, GST reports and more.

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  • Ecommerce


    Automate bookkeeping from all your sales platforms and lean on your accounting expert who understands ecommerce business.

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  • Reporting


    Сlearly see how your business is doing at any point in time, take action, and make your business more profitable.

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  • Expenses


    Organise your expenses and stay compliant when you declare your personal spending.

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  • Payments


    Capture bills, receipts, and have a complete control over what’s due and when.

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Why Osome

Osome who?
We're glad you asked

We power small businesses with financial management tools and a dedicated accounting expert to maximise your business success.

Lean on your dedicated expert

Lean on your dedicated expert

You can't trust a robot for all your financial and business needs. So you'll get one of our friendly, loveable accounting experts as your dedicated go-to. Think of it as having a Financial Director – without the cost.

Smart software made for business owners

Smart software made for business owners

That said – robots are nice when used right. We automated menial tasks – collecting documents, recognising accounts, assigning tax rates, preparing draft reports, etc. Where necessary, our robots reroute their output to a human expert so that you can be compliant with confidence!


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“I use Osome to help me succeed”
Felix Lee, ADPList
“I use Osome to help me succeed”
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91 %of customers recommend Osome services


“The good thing about Osome is that it saves a lot of time so I can do other things – the running of the business part.”

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  • How can I create an invoice?

    You can create an e-invoice for your business transactions in Singapore. Currently, Singapore is moving away from paper invoices as the government encourages private organisations to use e-invoices rather than manual invoicing.

    The government of Singapore implemented a nationwide e-invoicing network in 2019 to help businesses improve efficiency, lower costs, receive payments faster and go green at the same time.

    The authorities have made it easier for companies to adopt online invoicing by using e-invoicing solutions on their website.

    To send invoices there are various options available, starting from hiring services to using a software application.

    Alternatively, you can use popular tools like Microsoft Word, Excel, or Google Docs for creating simple invoices. With the availability of various business invoicing templates available, you do not have to create one from scratch.

    Be sure to include the following information to create your invoices:

    • Company name
    • Contact information (phone, email, or fax)
    • Date of invoice
    • Invoice number
    • Product/Service description

    You can also automate your invoicing process, and streamline your financial data by hiring a service provider like Osome to take care of this for you. This way, you can better use your time by focusing on your core business areas.

  • What methods of payment can my customers use?

    Some of the most popular payment methods your customers can use are below:

    • PayPal. PayPal is one of the most accessible and secure payment gateways in the world. The platform has around 400 million active users globally and accepts various debit/credit cards. Customers also receive seller protection, two-factor authentication, and 24/7 fraud monitoring. Additionally, PayPal supports 25 currencies and is used in over 200 countries. However, PayPal charges relatively high transaction fees of 3.99 percent, along with a $0.50 fixed fee.
    • eNETS. eNETS is one of the most reliable payment methods in Singapore. It has relatively competitive transaction fees compared to other service providers. eNETS is a good option for pairing a payment gateway with merchant accounts. This payment gateway will require a bank account in your business’s name. In addition, you need to create a merchant account where your customers’ payments will be deposited.
    • Stripe. Stripe is a relatively new payment method in Singapore. However, it is already well-known for its reliability and flexibility. Stripe is also ideal for small businesses and startups, which charges a transaction fee of 3.4 per cent on the total selling amount, plus a $0.50 fixed fee.
    • Hoolah. Hoolah has made the concept of buy now pay later popular in Singapore. Hoolah allows customers to pay one-third of the total cost upfront and the remaining amount through interest-free instalment plans. Merchants receive the full transaction amount within four days, making this payment method ideal for eCommerce businesses. Customers can pay via debit or credit card.
    • eWay. eWay is an easy payment gateway that enables easy site integration and accepts various debit and credit cards at a transaction fee of 3.4 per cent on the total sales, along with a $0.40 fixed fee. On top of it, eWay provides 24/7 customer support, which particularly helps new businesses.
  • Which business industries need e-invoicing?

    The following industries require e-invoices to streamline their business invoicing process in Singapore:

    • Retail. Small and medium-sized retail businesses can streamline their invoicing system by integrating e-invoicing. It reduces the turnaround time for retail businesses and generates a consistent cash flow.
    • Manufacturing. E-invoicing can help manufacturing companies in Singapore automate invoicing to lower costs, minimise errors and adhere to regulations. By digitising manual processes, e-invoices help to simplify your financial reporting, for taxes, auditing, and data validation. Using online invoicing, manufacturing companies can also reduce the rate of invoice rejections and accelerate cash flow.
    • Construction. In the construction industry working with contractors and sub-contractors can often result in payment delays. E-invoicing will help to speed up cash flow and improve the organisation’s ability to begin its next project on time.
  • What are the benefits of e-invoicing?

    • High Accuracy. The implementation of e-invoicing reduces the risks of duplication and manual error, whilst ensuring high accuracy because of automated tracking. It is easier to validate invoices, provide approvals, and receive payment in real-time.
    • Better Visibility. E-invoicing improves the visibility of your invoices, supporting documents, purchase orders, and contracts. All invoicing components including tracking and auditing are available in an e-invoicing application.
    • Higher Compliance. E-Invoicing enables higher regulatory compliance for businesses, which is mandatory in a country like Singapore.
    • Reduces Carbon Footprints. By transitioning to e-Invoicing, businesses can eliminate the use of paper-based invoices. Using this environmentally friendly method, companies can increase energy efficiency and reduce their carbon footprint on the environment.
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