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Package fees for company secretary service

Compared with other solutions, we offer the most comprehensive secretarial and financial management solution at the most competitive price

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Corporate Secretary essentials Our Corporate Secretary services ensure your business is complaint with Singapore law, filing your annual returns on time and updating ACRA on the business. All companies in Singapore must have a local secretary.
Personal support by your Corporate Secretary via chat
Annual General Meeting preparation
Corporate Secretary routine Annual filing
Forever free documents e‑storage
Automated and timely reminders on filing deadlines
S$60 Annual Filing government fee included
Corporate actions We provide a wide range of corporate reorganisations from unlimited standard resolutions like company name or business address change to corporate share allotment and transfer.
Change of company name
Change in officers
Change in address
Change in business activity
Registration of particulars relating to charges
Distribution of dividends
Change in officers’ particulars
Allotment of shares
Transfer of shares (excluding Stamp Duty)
Incorporation essentials Everything your new business needs to legally trade in Singapore. Osome will handle every single step required to get your company registered smoothly, and then setup your ACRA business profile so you receive all of your official incorporation documents without having to pay anything extra.
Incorporation application
Purchase of company name
ACRA business profile
Company constitution
S$315 government fees included
Accounting, Tax, Bookkeeping Our automated bookkeeping makes it easier to keep a track of your income and expenditure. Integrate your bank feeds, sales platforms and invoicing system on the app, monitor your bookkeeping with a few clicks. Making it easier for you and your accountant to have a clearer understanding of your business performance. Ask your accountant a question anytime via in-app chat.
Filing and bookkeeping support via in-app chat
Support SLA 6 business hours
Unlimited bookkeeping
Annual management reports reviewed by accountant
Estimated Chargeable Income (ECI) filing
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