Company Incorporation in Singapore

Company incorporation in Singapore is easy: paid-up capital can be S$1, we manage the formation online and guide you through the process step by step. Our clients opt for private limited companies — they meet most entrepreneurs’ needs and the procedure is fast.

We help both locals and foreigners with company formation. One does not have to be present in Singapore to start a business here.

Our Products

I am Singaporean or PR

We can get your company operational within 1–3 hours

I am a foreigner

Packages with Nominee Director and Employment Pass

What does the incorporation cost depend on?

We specialize in the formation of private limited companies. For foreigners there’s a legal requirement to hire local directors — so the incorporation costs more. For foreigners eager to relocate we’ve created packages that include visa application.

Company Incorporation for Locals


S$315 state fees are already included in the price

S$350 Free if you get the Unlimited Secretary service

Incorporation, Secretary

We check the company name for you, prepare and file your documents with ACRA, and the Secretary compiles all the follow-up papers

S$600 You save S$350 All fees included

Company Incorporation for Foreigners

Bonanza Package

Company Incorporation + Nominee Director + Unlimited Corporate Secretary + Registered Address

Not included: Mandatory Compliance Package
Accounting & Taxation starting from $1,200/year: Compare price plans here

S$2,550 You save S$440

Islander Package

Company Incorporation + Employment Pass + Nominee Director + Unlimited Corporate Secretary + Registered Address

Not included: Mandatory Compliance Package
Accounting & Taxation starting from $1,200/year: Compare price plans here

Уou may want to get an Employment Pass: a visa that allows you to work and stay. It costs S$950, but you'll save on the Nominee Director services as you’ll only need him while we prepare your visa

S$2,650 You save S$390

Why start a company in Singapore?

We’ve all heard that Singapore is a dream place for company formation. Now that we have talked about the incorporation details, let’s look at the business opportunities themselves. Here is a short list of industries flourishing in Singapore for you to assess the opportunities.

  • 🛍

    Retail Industry

    Offline shops have been in relative decline but Singaporeans aren’t buying less, they just buy online. Out of 5.6 million of Singapore’s population, 3.12 million shop online and 998,000 more users will be doing it by 2021.

  • 🎓

    Education Industry

    Education is valued in Singapore: 54% of parents say they’d get into debt to fund their children’s studies. Also, the whole region craves online education services, which chimes with global trends.

  • 🍜

    Food Industry

    Singaporeans are known for their passionate love for food. National cuisines of other countries are always of high demand: in Singapore, there have been 39 Michelin-starred restaurants since 2018.

  • 🏝

    Travel Industry

    In 2017, 17.4 million international tourists visited Singapore. That’s three times more than the entire population of the city-state. All these travelers are craving high-quality services.

  • 📱

    Software Industry

    The economic rise of Singapore relied heavily on hi-tech products. Over the last 40 years, the country has become a world-renowned technology hub. This atmosphere fosters great ideas.

  • 🏗

    Construction Industry

    Over the next three years, total construction demand is expected to be between $27 billion and $32 billion. The public sector is on the rise but there are a lot of private projects to join, too.

  • 💸

    Fintech Industry

    Fintech sector is one of the fastest growing industries. Due to the high concentration of financial institutions, the Singapore market welcomes cryptocurrency, blockchain, and mobile banking projects.

  • ❤️

    Healthcare Industry

    The aging population and emerging medical tourism drive healthcare demand in Singapore. New entrants may gain a considerable market share.

  • 📚

    Publishing Industry

    Singaporeans are a nation of prolific readers. The city-state has one of the highest rates of literacy in the world.

  • 🏡

    Real Estate Industry

    Singapore economy attracts businesses and employees from around the world, so there is a high demand for both residential and commercial estate.

  • 👨‍💻

    Recruitment Industry

    Singapore has a buoyant employment market. Companies turn to HR agencies to find suitable candidates both inside the country and overseas.

  • 🚢

    Shipping Industry

    Singapore is connected to more than 600 ports in over 120 countries. This makes a perfect location for the headquarters of a logistics company.


  • Why shall I opt for company incorporation in Singapore?

    Located in Southeast Asia, Singapore gives you access to the expanding markets of the Asia-Pacific region. The taxes are low, the quality of life is high, and the legislation favors foreign businesses.

  • What do I need to do before I start my company formation in Singapore?

    OK, here is a little guide on how to prepare for using a company formation service in Singapore. There are things to decide on before submitting the papers, let us go through them:

    • You need to choose a company name, which we send to ACRA for approval.
    • You need a paid-up capital; $S1 is enough.
    • Setting up a company in Singapore requires a local address: a real place in the city-state to receive official letters. If you don’t have one, you can use ours: we notify you about your correspondence, scan, and send it to you.
    • You must find a Corporate Secretary: a person certified under various regulations responsible for lodging and filing in time all necessary documents required by law. You can choose between the Essential and Unlimited packages: the former covers the regular activities, such as Annual General Meeting preparation, and the latter includes all and any resolutions such as change of directors, company address, share structure, etc.
    • You provide the list of directors, their IDs and contact data. A foreigner can’t run a business in Singapore if his company has no resident directors. Hiring a local nominee solves the problem. Having him, you can become a director yourself or appoint another executive from abroad.
    • You decide on the share structure and send us the list of the shareholders. There can be 1–50, both individuals or companies.
    • We use all the information you provide to design your company’s Constitution.
  • And what if I am a foreigner?

    You can’t file the paperwork yourself and must employ a certified agency to register your business. We’ll process your application to ACRA.

    You only need to fly to Singapore to open a bank account, the rest is managed online.

    If you want to move to Singapore, we can help you receive Employment Pass, a working visa.

  • What documents do I need to prepare?

    We’ll ask you for this information:

    • Company name
    • Directors’ particulars
    • Shareholders’ particulars

    We’ll provide the following:

    • Corporate Secretary particulars
    • Nominee Director particulars (if required)
    • Local address (if required)
    • Company Constitution
  • How long does it all take?

    Once all the documents are ready, it normally takes less than an hour to incorporate a company in Singapore. It mostly depends on when you are comfortable with providing all the details, as well as the service hours of the authorities. Our record stands at 38 minutes and we keep getting better.


  • "Amazing idea and fantastic execution! Very impressed with the turnaround time. I especially enjoy the service on weekends or after hours. Would highly recommend not only for startups but also any SME. Much needed innovation."

    Kevin Lim
    NVT Associates Pte. Ltd.

  • "I like the response time, the knowledge of executives in various subjects, the ease of submitting documents, and a very friendly approach.

    I think this is just the best."

    Benoit Alain Dannay
    Nestpac Group Pte. Ltd.

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