Singapore Company Registration

Company Incorporation in Singapore is easy: taxes are low, start-up capital can be $1, and we manage the entire process online. We help both foreigners and locals with company formation. The only difference is the need to have a local director — we can provide the Nominee Director’s service for setting up your company in Singapore.

I am Singaporean or PR

We can get your company operational within 1–3 hours

Price from S$350

I am a foreigner

Packages with Nominee Director and Employment Pass

Price from S$2,550


What do you need to know to register your Singapore company?

  • You choose a company name, which we send for approval to ACRA.
  • You need a paid-up capital; $S1 is enough.
  • You’ll require a local address: a real place in Singapore to receive official letters. If you don’t have one, you can use ours: we notify you about your correspondence, scan, and send it to you.
  • Another must is a Corporate Secretary: a person certified under various regulations responsible for lodging and filing in time all necessary documents required by law. You can choose between the Essential and Unlimited packages: the former covers the regular activities, such as Annual General Meeting preparation, and the latter includes all and any resolutions such as change of directors, company address, share structure, etc.
  • You provide the list of directors, their IDs and contact data. You can have as many directors as you want, but at least one has to be local. If you aren’t and you don’t have someone to play the role, hire a Nominee from us. A Nominee formally holds director’s position, without any actual decision-making powers or authority to run the company. He is a company officer on paper, necessary to meet the requirements of the law.
  • You decide on the share structure and send us the list of the shareholders. They can be 1–50, individuals or companies.
  • We use all the information you provide to design your company’s Constitution.

Are you a foreigner?

You can’t apply yourself and must employ a certified agency to register your business. We’ll process your application to ACRA.

You only need to fly to Singapore to open a bank account, everything else we manage online.

If you want to move to Singapore, we can help you receive Employment Pass, a working visa.

What documents do you need to prepare?

We’ll ask you for this data:

  • Company name
  • Directors’ particulars
  • Shareholders’ particulars

We’ll provide the following:

  • Corporate Secretary particulars
  • Nominee Director particulars (if required)
  • Local address (if required)
  • Company Constitution

How long does it take?

Once all the documents are ready, it usually takes us less than an hour to incorporate a company. It mostly depends on when you are comfortable with providing all the details, as well as the service hours of the authorities. Our record stands at 38 minutes and we keep getting better.

We are where you need us

We are where you need us

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Who is a Nominee Director?

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We answer 24/7 and usually within 15 minutes. Our specialists focus on your core problems, while robots do routine stuff. Which is why our rates are affordable.

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Osome Pte. Ltd. is registered as a filing Agent FA20170653

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