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How EU VAT registration works

  1. You choose the countries

    You choose the

    Plan to trade in one country outside the UK or twenty? We’ll take care of them all

  2. We fill in all the  forms

    We fill in all the

    We send you the list of all docs we need, collect them online, and prepare applications

  3. We register you for VAT

    We register
    you for VAT

    We send you the VAT registration documents and advise on the reporting

We make it easy for UK entrepreneurs to trade across the EU

EU Tax Representatives

EU Tax Representatives

We have accountants across all of Europe to take care of your tax related issues, handle communication with the authorities, and ensure the highest quality standards.

Zero paperwork

Zero paperwork

Automate filings with our software and get informed when a deadline is soon to come or when a payment is due. We check all information for accuracy, so you always receive notifications whenever there are any payments to make, things to consider or deadlines to meet.

Sensible prices

Sensible prices

Cost effective solution to scale your business on post-Brexit time. The exact price depends on many factors, but we’ll find the best option for your business.

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When you need to register for an EU VAT number

These are the most frequent but not the only reasons to pay VAT in other countries.
Talk to our experts about your case and find out what to expect.

Goods storage in the EU
Goods storage in the EU

Goods storage in the EU

Storage in any EU country means you have to register for VAT there. Make sure you organise your storage in a way that minimises VAT expenses.

Buying and selling goods in the EU
Buying and selling goods in the EU

Buying and selling goods in the EU

Every country has its own regulations regarding VAT, but any time you buy or sell elsewhere, your company has to procure registration for VAT.

Events holding in the EU
Events holding in the EU

Events holding in the EU

You only have to be VAT-registered if you collect money for particpating in the event, like a training session or a festival.

The VAT registration threshold
The VAT registration threshold

The VAT registration threshold

If you are selling to a country outside its VAT delivery treshhold, you must register for VAT in that country.

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Osome has been extremely proactive, talking me through every step of starting my company. They now take care of my accounting. I love the app, it's so easy to use!

Harriette Foulkes-Arnold

Harriette Foulkes-Arnold We are Contented Ltd.

Osome is Awesome! They have provided me with help and support when I have needed it. I highly recommend them.

Dave Wallace

Dave Wallace DW4DAYS Ltd.

They deal with all the administration on my behalf, meaning that I can simply use my income and not worry about legal and administrative filings.

Pawel Wargan

Pawel Wargan freelancer

I ended up signing my documents while I was on the tube! It is impressive how fast and responsive they are!

Randeep Sudan

Randeep Sudan Multivertz Ltd.

I found Osome on Friday and on Monday morning everything was ready. It was fantastic!

John Lim

John Lim Artac Ltd.


  • What Is the EU VAT Number?

    A VAT number – or VAT registration number – is a unique code issued to companies that are registered to pay VAT. It acts as an identifier used in many countries, including countries in the European Union. It’s used for tax purposes. In the EU, a VAT number can be verified online at the EU’s VIES (VAT Information Exchange System), a search engine owned by the European Commission.

  • How to Get an EU VAT Number?

    To get an EU VAT number, your company needs to register for VAT in the EU, and you need to apply to Her Majesty Revenue & Customs (HMRC). You can either register yourself via the VAT online service or get an accountant or agent to do this for you.

    After registering, you will get a VAT registration certificate within 2-8 weeks. The tax authorities may well ask further questions, specifically to try to prevent VAT fraud. Once your company has received your VAT number, you are free to start trading and charging VAT on foreign transactions. Keep in mind to follow the rules on EU VAT Compliance and complete regular EU VAT Returns.

  • How to Check EU VAT Number?

    You may find yourself wanting to check the VAT number of a company you want to do business with. You may want to check if their VAT registration number is valid, or you may just want to check the company name and address of the business the number is registered to.

    You can check the VAT number of a company in the EU using the VIES system. If you’re looking to check the UK VAT number, you can check it here.

  • What Is EU VAT Identification Number?

    An EU VAT Identification Number or VAT registration number is a unique number that identifies a taxable business registered for VAT. Companies can find these numbers on the registration certificate issued by HMRC, and it should be stated on any invoice they give.

    Every EU country issues its own national VAT number. If your business supplies goods or services in several EU countries, you might need to get a VAT number in each of these countries.

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