Anastasia Sikorskaya

Anastasia Sikorskaya

Anastasia Sikorskaya is an editor and a legal specialist. She studied in Moscow and Berlin and worked for an international company as a lawyer. Anastasia enjoys explaining the law in human language

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A Quick Guide on Directors' Duties in Hong Kong

Being a director is as prestigious as it is cumbersome, or so they say. Let's look at directors' duties in Hong Kong and try to evaluate how much risk comes with this respectable job title.

8 min read

Terminal Value

The terminal value is all the money a company will make in the future beyond a certain forecast period. It is a part of the discounted cash flow (DCF) analysis that helps to

5 min read

How Saying “No” Can Become Your Superpower in Every Negotiation

Compromise ruins negotiations. The win-win approach ruins negotiations. What doesn’t? Saying “no” whenever it needs to be said. This is the essence of Jim Camp’s theory. The 4 rules he put forward will help you feel confident and seize opportunities inside and outside the conference room

10 min read

Horizontal Merger

A horizontal merger is a merger of two companies that operate in the same industry. Let’s define how horizontal mergers work, discover why competitors could want to merge and compare a horizontal and a vertical merger.

4 min read

Ordinary Share

Ordinary shares allow shareholders to vote and to receive dividends. Let’s define the ordinary shareholders’ rights, discover ordinary shares advantage and compare them to preference shares.

3 min read

How Does Transfer Pricing Work in Singapore?

Affiliated businesses often trade on preferential conditions and thus pay less tax. To prevent that, countries developed a system to control the “family business” — the transfer pricing rules. Let’s see how they influence the prices you set, how to play by these rules and what documents to prepare.

5 min read

How to Register a Trade Mark in Singapore and Beyond

Registering a trade mark can be tricky. Here’s a step-by-step guide with some insights for you to make sense of the process. Bonus track: we explain how to register in Singapore and get international trade mark protection right away

8 min read

What Is a Trade Mark in Singapore?

Having a nice design is not enough to make a company legally distinctive among competitors. Let’s clarify what a trade mark can be, when a company needs it, how to transform a trade mark into a valuable asset and how to use it.

7 min read

How Electronic Signatures Work in Singapore

Many businessmen live with reams of papers all over the office — although they don’t have to. In Singapore, most documents can be signed on the computer, which is just as legal.

10 min read

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