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Company Formation in Hong Kong

Osome provides a fast, online formation service for Hong Kong. We complete the application for you to sign digitally – the whole process is finished within 24 hours.

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Company Secretarial Services in Hong Kong

Benefits of setting up in Hong Kong

Hong Kong’s government has made it easy for businesses to set up and operate. The regulatory requirements for registering are straightforward. The tax rates are competitive and foreign nationals can own a company in its entirety.

  • Registration is easy and affordable

    It’s easy to register a company in Hong Kong. The process can be completed online, although you’ll likely need to open a bank account in person. You’re not required to have a physical address or office. And, the low-cost process can be completed in 24 hours. A formation agent like Osome can complete this process for you, taking care of the paperwork and making sure you’re compliant with local regulations.

  • Hong Kong is a hub for Asia

    Hong Kong acts as a hub for business taking place across Asia. Its proximity to China makes it easy to tap into suppliers and customers. The prevalence of English and Mandarin speakers means both the key languages of the region are covered. Businesses can also be 100% owned by a foreigner or foreign entity, unlike some other countries in southeast Asia. Foreign companies can set up in Hong Kong as separate entities or subsidiaries.

  • You don’t need a physical address

    You don’t have to have a local office. However, they do need a correspondence address in the region, which is used for registration and to receive official documents. It’s possible to use a service like Osome to provide you with this address and manage your post.

  • International trade is easy

    As already mentioned, Hong Kong is a hub for the region. It’s made international trade easy, with a favourable tax regime and easy transport. The region‘s reputation is strong too, giving your business kudos for setting up operations there.

  • Financially stable banking system

    Hong Kong is a renowned financial hub and has a robust banking system that you can rely on. It has many credible banks that are well-regarded globally, helping to establish its reputation as a banking leader on the worldwide stage.

  • A lower tax rate for foreign transactions

    If your transactions are outside Hong Kong, you can apply for tax exemption status from the Inland Revenue Department.

Our formation services

Our prices are fixed in Hong Kong Dollars. We use Hong Kong Monetary Authority rates to convert them to US Dollars, Euro and Pounds. The exact price you pay in $, € and £ depends on the rate and fees your bank applies.

  • Essential Incorporation

    • Certificate of Incorporation (CI)
    • Articles of Association
    • Business Registration Certificate (BRC) for 1 year
    • Business bank account
    • Corporate Secretary for 1 year

    HK$5,600HK$3,975 govt fees included

How much does it cost to form a company in Hong Kong

The cost to register a company with Osome depends on what you need. We can simply handle the registration for you. Or we can handle your compliance and accounting needs too. Take a look at your options below:

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Incorporation essentials Everything your new business needs to trade in Hong Kong legally. Osome will handle every single step required to get your company registered smoothly and then file your papers with the Companies Registry. We get your business bank account set up as a part of the company incorporation process.
Incorporation application
Certificate of Incorporation (CI)
Company constitution
Articles of Association
Business Registration Certificate (BRC) for 1 year
HK$3,975 government fees included
Forever free documents e‑storage
Bank Account Opening assistance Osome makes it easy to set up a bank account in Hong Kong by setting you up with a free business bank account. We partner up with HSBC, traditional banks, and online banks to get you introduced. The decision is always up to the banks, but we do everything we can to set you up and get your business bank account rolling.
Free Business Bank Account
Corporate Secretary After registering your company, we’ll keep you on top of the government filings and remind you about upcoming deadlines. Our Corporate Secretary services ensure your business is compliant with Hong Kong law, filing your annual returns on time and updating the government on the business.
Personal support by your Corporate Secretary via chat
Annual General Meeting papers
Annual Returns Filing (NAR1)
Automated and timely reminders on filing deadlines
Online shares distribution management & capital table
Unlimited corporate changes: changing a director, a shareholder, transferring shares, changing company particulars, etc.
Registered Address All Hong Kong companies must have a local registered address to receive government and bank correspondence. We provide a registered address as a yearly subscription. And whenever you receive mail, we open, scan, and upload letters to your Osome account and send you a notification to ensure you never miss a thing.
Registered Address for 1 year
Notifications when you receive mail
Scanning and forwarding of the messages

Start your company today

Get your limited company registered, bank account open, and compliance sorted for the year ahead with Osome

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Requirements for company formation in Hong Kong

There are a number of standards you have to follow to launch an enterprise in the region. We’ve set out the key requirements below. Osome can help you with the registration process, saving you hassle and making sure you stay compliant.

At least one inividual investor

At least one inividual investor

Companies registered in Hong Kong must have at least one shareholder. Shares are allotted when during formation and can be bought or sold. A shareholder can be a person or a legal entity. Each shareholder normally gets a proportion of the profit in dividends.

Minimum of one and maximum of 50 shareholders

Minimum of one and maximum of 50 shareholders

Both individuals and companies can own shares. The minimum paid-up share capital is HK$1. That means you can register with one share, worth HK$1 that you own.

Company secretary

Company secretary

You need a local secretary to start a business in Hong Kong. Their role is to ensure you adhere to government regulations and document any structural or managerial changes. Osome’s corporate secretarial services provide you with a dedicated secretary who can answer questions when you need support.

Registered address

Registered address

You don’t have to have a local office. However, you will need a registered address, which is used for official purposes, such as receiving tax notices. Osome can provide your registered office and manage your post.

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Why choose Osome for your company formation?

Osome provides fast, online company registration services for Hong Kong. You can register remotely. You log into Osome and share your details. We complete the application for you to sign digitally. The whole process is complete within 24 hours. Our team can also introduce you to a bank account provider.

  1. Start trading quickly

    Start trading quickly

    Make the incorporation process quick and easy by using a local professional who understands what’s required.

  2. Supportive experts

    Supportive experts

    Talk to an expert anytime via chat or phone. They will give you insight on anything that is unclear throughout the company formation process.

  3. Setup business banking

    Setup business banking

    When forming a company with Osome, we include your first year of business banking. Open your account in under 4 minutes, and your business is compliant and ready to trade.

  4. Register from anywhere

    Register from anywhere

    Our software automates the company formation services process for you, so you won’t need to complete any of the paperwork yourself.

Company formation process in Hong Kong

There are a number of standards you have to follow to launch an enterprise in the region. We’ve set out the key requirements below. Osome can help you with the registration process, saving you hassle and making sure you stay compliant.

  1. Select your company name and types

    Your company name needs to be 100% unique and not infringe on the intellectual property rights of any other entity. You can check if your preferred name is available on the Companies Registry website and by searching the Trademark Register. Names can be in English or Mandarin, or a combination of both. English names must end with ’Limited’, and Mandarin names must end with [X]’.

    You’ll also need to define the purpose of your company, with a code from the Hong Kong State Industrial Classification (HSIC) to indicate your primary activity. Use our free tool to find the relevant code.

    Select your company name and types
  2. Submit the documents and applications

    When you’ve decided the type you’re going to register and what it’s going to be called, it’s time to get your documents together. The following documents need to be submitted to the Company Registry. Incorporation Form (NNC1) A copy of the company’s articles of association A Notice to Business Registration Office (IRBR1) Osome can support you through company registration.

    Submit the documents and applications
  3. Open a bank account

    To open a bank account to get up and running, banks will probably ask to meet you in person. The initial application can be made online and Osome can introduce you to Hong Kong bank account providers. The chosen bank will decide whether they can give you an account based on the documents you provide them:

    • Certificate of Incorporation
    • Articles of Association
    • Documents proving the shareholding structure
    • Incorporation form NNC1
    • The latest Annual return (Form NAR1)
    • Identification documents from all signatories

    Osome can introduce you to local bank account providers.

    Open a bank account
  4. Apply for a business license

    Specific types of activities require licences. These are issued by a government department or agency. Here are a number of common examples and the related licence issuing authority: Employment agency: Labor Department Travel agency: Hong Kong Travel Agent’s Registry Restaurant: Food and Environmental Hygiene Department

    Apply for a business license
  5. Check your annual compliance

    There are several compliance duties you have to complete annually.

    Hold an Annual General Meeting: Meeting minutes must be recorded and filed. Maintain accurate accounting records: This includes receipts, income and expenditure, invoices, bank statements, and a daily record of money received.

    Companies Registry: File an annual return confirming company details. Internal Revenue Department: File an Annual Tax Return, or Profits Tax Return, with your audited accounts.

    Osome’s secretarial services will help you meet deadlines and manage the paperwork so that you stay compliant.

    Check your annual compliance

Check your Business Activity HSIC Code

Use our free search to find the code that best describes your business activities

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  • They replied quickly offering immediately useful details. One phone call set the path for my first incorporation. I highly recommend it for other first-timers.

    Paolo Porchetti

    Paolo Porchetti PP E&A LIMITED

  • I like that I can just post my questions to chat any time of the day, quite unlike having to remember to call within business hours only. For a startup owner working irregular hours, this helps.

    Lim Sze-Szan Fiona

    Lim Sze-Szan Fiona BodyOwn Ltd.

  • One of the best experiences in incorporating a company in Hong Kong.

    Beh Huey Ching Jenna

    Beh Huey Ching Jenna FortNynja (HK) Limited

  • Fully digital, fast, easy to follow, great app. I highly recommend it.

    Edwina Jane Barrington

    Edwina Jane Barrington Rupert and Bird Limited

  • They helped me register my company in Hong Kong. I'm very satisfied with their services, flexibility, and reactivity.

    Yannick Andre Martial Guyot

    Yannick Andre Martial Guyot HK TALENTS Limited

  • Osome has been extremely proactive, talking me through every step of starting my company. They now take care of my accounting. I love the app, it's so easy to use!

    Harriette Foulkes-Arnold

    Harriette Foulkes-Arnold We are Contented Ltd.

  • I didn’t have to go anywhere to work with Osome, I just used the web and mobile app to sign the docs.

    Ivan Zeljkovic

    Ivan Zeljkovic Evans Media Ltd.

  • I incorporated my own two companies with Osome and now manage them via the platform. I've been very satisfied and recommend Osome to all my friends.

    Vlad Shchelkunov

    Vlad Shchelkunov BTTR holdings Ltd.

  • The staff always answer, and they deal with all the admin on my behalf. So I can simply use my income and not worry about legal and administrative filings.

    Pawel Wargan

    Pawel Wargan freelancer

  • It is impressive how fast and responsive they are! I feel very happy about my decision to go with Osome.

    Randeep Sudan

    Randeep Sudan Multivertz Ltd.

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  • What is the formation of a company?

    Forming a company involves registering a new business entity with the local government. In Hong Kong, it’s necessary to register with the Company Registry. By completing the process, you’re setting out who is involved and how the company will be run.

  • What are the documents required for formation of a company?

    There are three documents you need to register a company:

    • Incorporation Form (NNC1)
    • A copy of the company’s articles of association
    • A Notice to Business Registration Office (IRBR1)
  • How long does it take to form a company?

    You can set up a company within 24 hours. A formation agent like Osome can help you with the process making sure you get everything completed correctly.

  • Can I form a company in Hong Kong if I am a non-local?

    Yes. Unlike a number of countries in the region, Hong Kong doesn’t require you to have a local director or shareholder. This makes it a great place to register a company and you don’t need to have a local address. Read our guide for entrepreneurs on opening an offshore company if you want to find out more.

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