Anna Grigoryeva-Trier

Anna Grigoryeva-Trier

Anna is a freelance consultant and writer. She has worked in consulting, research and startup development. Anna has lived in 6 countries and she is passionate about new cultures and languages.

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How Hong Kong Collects Information About Company Ownership

Every Hong Kong company keeps records about the people and businesses who own it and influence its decisions. Those records make up the Significant Controllers Register (SCR). The authorities can ask for them at any moment.

6 min read

Market Segmentation

Market segmentation is a process that companies use to divide their customers into groups based on one or several criteria. The customers in one group either have common needs or respond similarly to

3 min read

Trial Balance

Trial Balance is an accounting report which summarises the balances of all company’s general ledger accounts. The balances are divided between the debit and credit columns. The totals of these columns should

3 min read

Interim Report

An interim report is a set of a company’s financial statements for a period shorter than a financial year. An interim report can be prepared monthly, or quarterly, or ad hoc, when

5 min read

Return on Investment (ROI)

What is ROI?Return of Investment (ROI) is one of the basic metrics in financial analysis. It measures how much financial gain (or loss) an investment brings compared to the total cost of

5 min read

Tools to Keep Track of Your Startup Finances: P&L and Cash Flow

Running out of cash is a Number 2 reason for startup failures. So how to avoid cash disappearing into the void? Even if you are bad with numbers and find mathematics exhausting, you can use two simple tools to organise your finances: P&L and Cash Flow statements.

10 min read

How to Get a Government Grant for a Small Business or Startup

Planning to incorporate your business in Singapore? Already running a business? Grants can be of a great help. Learn what grants you can get, and how to improve your chances.

9 min read

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