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Singapore Company Incorporation Cost & Pricing

The cost to incorporate a company depends on whether you’re local or not. For foreigners, there’s a legal requirement to hire local directors, so the company incorporation costs more. The incorporation process for locals is more straightforward.

Compare 3 packages

Incorporation onlyS$350

Incorporation + SecretaryS$600

Full ComplianceS$1,200

Incorporation essentials Everything your new business needs to legally trade in Singapore. Osome will handle every single step required to get your company registered smoothly, and then setup your ACRA business profile so you receive all of your official incorporation documents without having to pay anything extra.
Incorporation application
ACRA name reservation
ACRA business profile
Company constitution
S$315 government fees included
Corporate Secretary Our Corporate Secretary services ensure your business is complaint with Singapore law, filing your annual returns on time and updating ACRA on the business. All companies in Singapore must have a local secretary.
Corprate Secretary routine Annual filing
S$60 Annual Filing government fee included
AGM preparation
Unlimited changes in company name, officers, address, business activity, etc
Accounting, Tax, Bookkeeping Our automated bookkeeping makes it easier to keep a track of your income and expenditure. Integrate your bank feeds, sales platforms and invoicing system on the app, monitor your bookkeeping with a few clicks. Making it easier for you and your accountant to have a clearer understanding of your business performance. Ask your accountant a question anytime via in-app chat.
Review by Chartered Accountant
Annual management report
Annual bookkeeping
Government & tax filings
Multi-currency accounting

Additional services you might need

  • CorpPass RegistrationS$100Use your CorpPass to report to and interact with the IRAS (Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore), ACRA (Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority), and Singapore customs. Whether you are a local or foreigner with a Singapore business, we set up your CorpPass Account quickly without registering for extra documents like a SingPass ID.
  • Multicurrency accountingS$200/yWe take the hassle out of reconciling multiple currencies in your bookkeeping. Osome Accounting automatically converts the currencies of your international business transactions into whichever currency you choose, so you always have a clear picture of your sales and cash flow data.
  • Letter of Consent (LOC)S$300A Letter of Consent allows business owners living in another country to work in Singapore. The LOC is issued by the Singapore Ministry of Manpower (MOM) and can only be requested by your employer or a MoM service provider. We complete and submit your LOC application to increase your chances of being approved straight away. This service is ideal for Dependent Pass holders who are a company director, sole proprietor or partner of an ACRA-registered business.
  • Employment Pass (EP)S$950This type of work visa is for foreign-based professionals looking to work and live in Singapore. If you want to work for your own company, the business must be incorporated for 6 months before you are eligible to apply for an Employment Pass. For your application to be approved, candidates must also hold suitable skills or qualifications for your business and be vaccinated against Covid-19. We'll gather all of the information you need and manage each stage of the process with MOM for you.
  • Dependant’s Pass (DP)S$550A Dependent's Pass is a Singapore visa for an Employment Pass holder's spouse or children (under 21). A DP holder can live and work in Singapore. However, the validity of the Dependent's Pass is based on the status of the Employment Pass holder.
  • EP or DP renewalS$550Your renewal application must reach MOM at least two months before the Pass expires. To ensure the process is completed as quickly as possible, we renew your Employment Pass or Dependent Pass with the Ministry of Manpower so you can continue using your Singapore visa without interruptions.

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