Open a Bank Account Online in Hong Kong

We compared the best banks for small and medium businesses in Hong Kong. Here's what you need to set up a bank account or switch from your current bank to a new one.

Open a Bank Account Online in Hong Kong
Open a Bank Account Online in Hong Kong

Everything You Need To Know Before Opening a Bank Account

Whether you are a Hong Kong resident or a non-resident it’s important to get an idea of the application process before deciding to open a bank account in Hong Kong

What documents do  I need?
What documents do  I need?

What documents do I need?

The following documents are required for opening a bank account in Hong Kong:

  • Your official ID, such as a passport or a HK ID card;
  • Proof of address (a utility bill, a bank statement or a mobile phone bill will do if they are less than 3 months old). In case you can’t provide a Hong Kong address, give the proof of your residence in your home country
  • A valid visa
  • Employment confirmation or a contract (in case you work in Hong Kong)
What if I’m not a Hong Kong Resident

What if I’m not a Hong Kong Resident

You don’t have to be a permanent resident to open a bank account in Hong Kong. Passport holders from the EU, US, or Australia should find the process straightforward.

Bear in mind that different banks have their own requirements for non-residents.

How To Open a Bank Account Online
How To Open a Bank Account Online

How To Open a Bank Account Online

Unfortunately, you can’t open an account online if it is your first one in Hong Kong. This is because the country’s financial regulations follow strict anti-money laundering rules. Once you open a bank account in HK and setup online banking, you will be able to open other accounts online.

What Do I need to Open a Business Bank Account in Hong Kong

While opening a basic bank account is quite straightforward, opening a business bank account in Hong Kong requires a bit more work. In an effort to crack down on money laundering and terrorist money movements, all major banks in the country now have to comply with tough anti-fraud laws and due diligence processes. You will need to provide the following documents:

IDs for directors and shareholders

IDs for directors and shareholders

Passports or HK ID cards will do. Sometimes it’s possible to open a bank account if you don’t have a valid Hong Kong ID card. HSBC, for instance, allows you to do it.

A resolution

A resolution

The board of directors should approve the opening of the account and give one person authority to apply with the bank.

IOfficial company documents

Official company documents

Certificates of registration, articles of association, or certificates of incorporation, for instance.

Proof of address

Proof of address

This can be a utility bill, recent bank statement or a mobile phone bill. The date on this must not be within the first seven working days after your account has been opened.

A valid visa

A valid visa

The new bank will take care of everything. All your existing payments will be transferred automatically, and you will be sent confirmation that your new account is up and running.

A business plan

A business plan

It should describe the nature of the business and make projections of expenses and revenues for the next year.

What Do Different Banks in Hong Kong Offer?

We have partnered with the most popular banks in Honk Kong, that specialise in supporting SMEs and ecommerce businesses. They also provide exclusive discount and benefit programmes for their customers.


    ABC Banking Corporation

    ABC Banking Corporation provides a valuable and pleasing banking experience both for your business as well as personal needs. It is the only traditional bank that allows for remote bank account opening.



    Citi ranks as no. 1 bank for customer experience and provides consumers, corporations, governments and institutions with a broad range of financial products and services.



    Get HKD180 cash credit for every first successful transaction

    TranSwap accounts give users access to named local USD, EUR, GBP and SWIFT accounts in 34 markets without any set up or maintenance fees.



    Get a free first transaction of up to USD 10,000

    With a multi-currency Global Account businesses have bank account numbers in every major market, so payments are fast and convenient.



    Get the first $100,000 HKD of FX fees free of charge

    Open your business account with no sign-up fee and zero monthly account fees. Seamless integration with e-commerce platforms like Amazon, Shopify, etc.



    The Neat Business Account allows businesses to send and receive money globally at lower exchange rates than you would get from a bank, and provides easy expense tracking and security features.



    Only available for HK-based clients

    DBS delivers a new kind of banking that is so simple, seamless and invisible, that customers have more time to spend on the people or things they care about.



    Only available for HK-based clients

    OCBC offers an augmented banking network, global market access and an extensive range of products and services for personal and business financial needs.



    Available for HK-based and overseas clients

    HSBC is one of the world's largest banking and financial services organisation serving more than 40 million customers throughout global business areas.

Go With Osome

Explore Osome benefits for your business

    Open a company with us

    Open a company with us

    We’ll register your company online and help you open a business bank account online, all within 4 minutes! We partner with a variety of local banks.

    Benefit from partner offers

    Benefit from partner offers

    Enjoy some of the benefits our bank partners offer to help your business prosper.

    Get professional advice

    Get professional advice

    Our experts will help you decide which bank account you need for your business and when to switch for the best options.

    Set up Accounting & Bookkeeping

    Set up Accounting & Bookkeeping

    Already started your company? We’ll take care of invoices, reports and taxes, while you focus on growing your business.

Simple and fast registration

Our prices are fixed in Hong Kong Dollars. We use Hong Kong Monetary Authority rates to convert them to US Dollars, Euros and Pounds. The exact price you pay in $, € and £ depends on the rate and fees your bank applies.

  • Essential Incorporation

    • Certificate of Incorporation (CI)
    • Articles of Association
    • Business Registration Certificate (BRC) for 1 year
    • Business bank account
    • Corporate Secretary for 1 year


    HK$3,975 govt fees included

How To Switch Bank Accounts?

Why switch to a new bank account

Why switch to a new bank account

Most people switch their bank account to get higher interest rates and, as a result, to increase their savings.

The others are looking for a more advantageous cashback policy or insurance benefits.

Switching is also a good idea if the customer service with your new bank is better.

The switching process

The switching process

The switch to a new bank account in Honk Kong is quick and easy, your regular payments will not be affected.

The transition is seamless. Your new bank should arrange for all your existing payments to be transferred to the new account and ensure the process complies with with financial regulations.

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  • How will I receive my bank statement?

    Once you open a bank account online, getting your bank statement is made incredibly easy, simply follow these three steps:

    • Log on to the online banking using your ID and password
    • Set up a one-time request by clicking on the ‘Request eStatement/e-Advice’ option in the main menu
    • Once done, you shall receive a secure email informing you when the eStatement is ready to access
    • You will receive a notification via mobile or email once the eStatement is issued

    It is useful to keep in mind the Hong Kong banking procedures, nonetheless, when you open a bank account in Hong Kong, online convenience is a given.

  • What do I need to know before opening a bank account?

    If you are opening a bank account in Hong Kong for the first time, you will be prohibited from doing so online, due to the country’s strict anti-money laundering rules. Although, once you have a bank account and have set up online banking, you can then open a bank account in Hong Kong via the online route.

    To open a bank account, applicants must make an appointment and attend the branch in-person. For banks that allow you to complete the online form in advance, you need to be ready with the following:

    • An official ID document, such as your passport or HK ID card
    • Proof of address documents: utility bill, bank statement or mobile phone bill
    • For those without a HK address, the proof of address for your home country must be submitted
    • A valid visa
  • What are the various benefits of opening an account online?

    As a bank account holder you will receive several benefits, please note that all banking services in Hong Kong are required to adhere to international standards. The product information should be accessible in English or Chinese languages.

    Below are some of the benefits you will enjoy as a online bank account holder:

    • No restrictions on foreign exchange remittances or funds transfers
    • International trades settlement
    • Unrestricted currency conversions: Holders can engage in multi-currency transactions including USD, EUR, GBP, HKD, RMB, AUD, CAD, CHF, DKK, GBP, JPY, NOK, NZD, SEK and SGD
    • Ease and convenience of daily account operation
    • Secure online transactions: Account holders can make payments using online platforms such as Paypal. These can be connected to your bank account.
    • Availability of secure trade financing
    • As an option, holders can also apply for a Debit MasterCard
  • What kind of account can you open?

    The most common personal banking accounts in Hong Kong include checking, savings and multi-currency accounts. What’s more, account holders can link a credit card or an EPS card with their bank account. The Electronic Payments System card (EPS) acts like a debit card. Other than personal accounts, holders can open business accounts as well. Applicants are required to present the following:

    • Proof of Identity: Director ID, Hong Kong ID or Passports
    • Proof of address: rental lease or property licence
    • Business documents: Registration, Certification of Incorporation, M&A and register books
    • Proof of business existence (for those operational over six months): contracts, supplier invoices, client payments
  • Can foreigners open a bank account in Hong Kong?

    The Hong Kong authorities allow everybody to open a bank account,regardless of whether you are a resident or non-resident. Foreigners intending to open a bank account in Hong Kong may be subject to additional requirements for verification and identification. However, you do not need to be a permanent HK resident to have a bank account in Hong Kong. The process is straightforward, especially if you are an EU, US or Australian passport holder. And for others, the documentation and process timings are different.

    Ultimately each bank has different evaluation criteria for reviewing your application, we’ve listed the application conditions below:

    • The applicant does not need to be physically present in Hong Kong when opening a bank account
    • To open a business bank account, the candidate must be able to demonstrate the business scope and services using the company website
    • You are required to answer a few standard questions, there is no need for any complex or in-depth supporting documents.

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