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Emma Drummond

Emma Drummond

Emma’s spent 12 years in marketing and advertising in the banking and financial sector. She tries to keep her writing fresh and convincing. One thing she loves more than writing is her cat, Bumpy.

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An New Entrepreneurs’ Go-To Guide To Become an Amazon Seller

Want to become an Amazon seller in the UK but not sure where to start? This handy guide unpacks some key steps to get you set up and selling in no time.

6 min read

A Guide to Trademark Registration in Hong Kong

Even though it’s not mandatory, a registered trademark could be a pretty valuable asset for setting up business in Hong Kong.

5 min read

Profit Tax: How a Hong Kong Company Can Get An Exemption

In Hong Kong, tax exemptions are applied to profits received from offshore funds. Here’s how to apply so your offshore company can benefit.

4 min read

Hong Kong Work Visa: A Fuss-Free Guide to Apply for One

If you’re an entrepreneur planning on relocating to Hong Kong, here’s all you need to know about applying for a work visa and how the process works.

4 min read

Withholding Tax in Hong Kong: What Is It and Who Pays It?

If your company is a resident company and you’re making specific types of payments to non-resident companies or individuals? You’ll need to know about withholding tax then.

4 min read

Filing Your Annual Return in Hong Kong: A Quick Guide

Want to learn more about company annual return filing to Companies Registry in Hong Kong? Let's get you familiar with all the important details.

3 min read


Solvency is a state in which your company is able to meet financial obligations, and more than often, debts that span over long periods of time. Why does the solvency of a company

3 min read

A New Business Owner’s Guide to a Company Audit in Hong Kong

A company audit assures that all the information in your businesses financial report is fair, accurate and compliant. So you’re a new business owner in Hong Kong facing your first company audit, this article is here to guide you through the process.

3 min read

A First Time Entrepreneur’s Guide to Starting a Business in Hong Kong

Want to know how to start a business in Hong Kong? In this article, we illustrate how simple and seamless the process can be. It all starts with an understanding of the basics which include licensing, registration and financial regulations.

6 min read

Financial Statements & Business Growth: What’s the Connection?

Want to expand your business and make smart financial moves? How about attracting the right investors or securing that new business loan? We unpack how your financial statement can be a helpful tool for business growth, take a look.

5 min read


Computers, office furniture or a company van are all business-owned assets that lose value over time. Depreciation is the accounting term that represents the cost of using assets like these over their useful lifespan. Take a read to see how it applies to a UK business owner like yourself.

3 min read

The Wage Credit Scheme (WCS)

Singapore encourages employers to pay more in wages by co-funding the pay raises. Learn how you and your team can benefit from it and how the financial aid works. Calculations included!

8 min read

How Singapore Working Mothers Pay Less Tax Thanks to Child Relief

If you’re a working mother earning a taxable income in Singapore, it’s likely you qualify for Working Mother’s Child Relief (WMCR). Read on to find out a bit more about this personal tax relief programme and its benefits.

3 min read

XBRL and Tax Filing in Singapore: An Introduction

XBRL is a language used to standardise the way that companies in Singapore file their tax statements online. Take a read to get to know a bit more about XBRL tax filing requirements.

4 min read

What is a UK Company Registration Number?

CRN is an important and unique way to identify your company as a legal entity. Also known as a business registration number, UK company number or a registered company number, you’ll find that the most common abbreviation used is “CRN”.

3 min read

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