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Break-even point

A break-even point (BEP) — in accounting and finance — is the term defining the stage of business development when the revenue you make equals the costs. Putting it another way, it is a point

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Balance sheet

A balance sheet (aka a statement of financial position) is a document showing the net worth of your company at a particular moment of time. It usually looks like a table with sections

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Minimum wage

A minimum wage (or national minimum wage, or NMW) is the lowest per hour wage that you can pay to an employee. The law defines this figure, and most of the countries in

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Turnover, as an accounting term, is used in several spheres of business operations, helping to make estimations on your company. The basic meaning of turnover is sales turnover — standing for just the revenue

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“SMEs” or small and medium-sized enterprises is a special category of companies that is defined by a certain level of revenues, assets or number of employees. The industry where a company operates might

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Overheads, also known as indirect costs or burden, are those costs that are not involved in generating profit, but they ensure your company’s day-to-day operations. Overheads include, for example, accounting and legal

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A stakeholder, generally viewed, is any party that has any interest in your business. Stakeholders can be individuals, any groups and even organisations. While the primary and typical types of stakeholders are your

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Fairtrade notion applies to the trade between companies from developed countries and producers from the developing countries and aimed at helping the latter to function and grow more efficiently. The key difference from

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Operating profit

Operating profit — or operating income — is a profit your company gets from its core business activity. It is calculated before you deduct interest and the taxes you must pay. Operating profit is one

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Osome Attracts $2 m Investment To Develop And Expand

The funding will support new product development and reaching new markets, including Hong Kong and Australia

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1,000 Osome Clients: The Osome community is growing

Today we celebrate our first 1,000 clients. Thank you for choosing us to be your guide in Singapore Business Administration.

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Infocomm 媒体开发局 (IMDA) 将 Osome 评为加入云社区网络的先驱公司。与其他选定的企业一起,Osome将帮助推进由通讯和信息部长 S Iswaran 先生提出的云原生架构生态系统的发展。

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Osome已经筹集了由目标全球(Target Global)公司领头的200万美元的资金,其他投资者包括物理科技风险投资(Phystech Ventures),RU基金和一些天使投资者。这些投资将帮助我们开发新产品,并拓展新市场。

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如果您在新加坡,持有就业准证(Employment Pass,以下简称为EP),考虑在新加坡开公司,那么先恭喜您!以下是您注册公司需要做的事情。

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只需2550新币— 这是Osome为外国人在新加坡注册公司所需的的全部费用,包括替您雇佣本地董事,且无需支付保证金(大多数代理商需要保证金,但我们不需要!)全部仅需2550新币。

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