Francesca Del Giudice

Francesca Del Giudice

Francesca is a content creator with over 5 years of cross-industry experience that spans academic research, consulting, venture, and tech startups.

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7 Tips To Grow Your Business in Uncertain Times

In this webinar, we discussed how businesses can scale and grow this century by raising capital, setting up accounting, and utilizing legal services.

8 min read

How To Set Up a Singapore Holding Company From Indonesia for Fundraising

One of the most common fundraising strategies for startups, especially in Indonesia, is to set up a Singapore holding company. But how exactly do you set up a holding company abroad?

10 min read

Going Beyond The Borders Digitally: From Setting Up To Selling Out

We had three experts in tax, sales, and law present the webinar on how small business owners in Singapore and Indonesia can set up companies, digitize their business processes, and reach out to new customers.

7 min read

5 Tips from Entrepreneurs on Scaling Your Business Across Closed Borders

In times of this unprecedented economic situation, how can SMEs adjust to become a global player? Several Singapore-based entrepreneurs will discuss the major points of scaling up their companies, and how to survive and thrive today.

9 min read

Getting Started With Bookkeeping If You've Never Done It

In the bookkeeping process, we record, classify, and organize financial transactions in your company for both new and established business owners. Find out the basics for your business.

6 min read

A Survival Guide to Bookkeeping When You Have No Idea How To Do It

In short, bookkeeping is the process of recording, classifying, and organizing all financial transactions that happen within your business.

6 min read

A Guide to Applying for Investment Visa for Entrepreneurs

If you want to start a business in Hong Kong or join a startup here, you may need a Hong Kong Investment Visa. Read about what you need and who can apply.

7 min read

A Guide to Articles of Association in Hong Kong

An Articles of Association (AA) must be submitted if you wish to be registered as an entity in Hong Kong, regardless of entity type. Here’s how to prepare it.

3 min read

Tips for Organising Invoices and Receipts for Small Businesses

Ask any entrepreneur what their least favorite business activity, just about all of them will say “paperwork”. Here’s some tips to get you to organise your invoices and receipts so you can turn your frown upside down.

5 min read

Keeping Invoices Organised for Your Small Business

Paperwork is the least popular business activity to do because frankly balancing receivables and payables takes up a lot of time and can cause a severe headache. So how can we organise invoices and receipts more efficiently?

5 min read

Financial Year End (FYE) in Singapore

When you incorporate, you need to choose your financial year end date which determines when your corporate filings and taxes are due. Read on to find out how to choose the date for your company.

3 min read

Hiring Foreign Talent: The Difference Between an Employment Pass and S Pass

Once you’ve registered your company in Singapore, and start looking to expand your operations. You might want to hire talent from overseas. Find out the difference between S-Pass and Employment so you can hire correctly and stay compliant.

4 min read

Filing Financial Statements: Does My Company Need to Do This?

The general rule is that it’s always good to prepare your financial statements but do you have to file them with ACRA too? Find out in this article.

4 min read

What Business Owners Need to Know About Accounting Standards in Hong Kong

Find out more about how to standardise your accounting with Hong Kong’s Accounting Standards

6 min read


Ever wondered what a remittance is? This article helps you to understand that and how to make a remittance payment. Got more questions related to accounting for your business, feel free to write

2 min read

Accounting Journal

An accounting journal is a part of a company’s bookkeeping and accounting system. It is a log book that contains all records of a company’s transactions in chronological order. Its main

2 min read


Reimbursement is a repayment given by a company to someone for their out-of-pocket expenses; the amount of reimbursement is equal to the amount of money spent by this person. The person who receives

2 min read

Variable Costs

If you’re here to better understand the term ‘Variable Costs’, you’re at the right place. Knowing what it means will help you to scale your business. This article helps you to

4 min read

FTSE Index

The FTSE is a stock market index that indicates how well the economy is doing. The number after the letters (i.e. FTSE 100, FTSE 250, etc) tells you how many of the

5 min read

Cash Book

A cash book is a part of a company’s bookkeeping and accounting processes. It usually looks like a paper notebook or a computer program where you write down all financial operations taking

3 min read


What is a Key Performance Indicator? Types of Key Performance Indicators What KPIs are important for my business? How do I identify relevant KPIs? Examples of KPI What is a Key Performance Indicator?

4 min read

UK Bank Account for Non-Residents

Can a foreigner open a business bank account in the UK? Yes! Nothing stops UK banks from opening business accounts for non-residents. We look at your options if you don’t want to buy or rent property and compare the bank tariffs for you.

12 min read

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