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Syahirah Aiman Abbas

Syahirah Aiman Abbas

Syahirah Aiman Abbas is a writer and translator who loves languages. After learning Malay, English, Arabic, Indonesian and French, now she is on to Turkish!

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10 Best Accounting Software Used by Hong Kong Businesses

Each accounting software has different features with multiple pricing plans to choose from. Here we list some of Hong Kong’s most popular accounting software for you to select the most suitable for you.

8 min read

A Guide to Central Provident Fund (CPF) for New Employers

When you set up your company in Singapore, you will have to eventually hire to grow your business. As an employer, legal obligation to contribute to the Central Provident Fund (CPF) of staff who are Singapore citizens or Permanent Residents. Find out what exactly you need to know to stay compliant.

10 min read

Setting Up An Offshore Company in the UK

Wondering about the characteristics of a UK Offshore Company? Or what are the best company structures for one? We cover this and what its liability to income tax and capital gains tax are.

8 min read

Guide to Setting Up an Offshore Company in Singapore

Get to know the popular industries offshore companies open in, how to register for one, and what taxes you’d need to pay.

8 min read

Setting Up a Company: How to Prepare Your Company Constitution

This document is part of a legal requirement in your company’s incorporation process. Find out how to draft one.

7 min read

A Practical Guide to the Hong Kong Quality Migrant Admission Scheme

Looking to hire specialised individuals from overseas to work for you in your Hong Kong company? Then you’ll need to get acquainted with this scheme.

5 min read

A 4 Minute Guide to the Inland Revenue Department in Hong Kong

Once you open up a company in Hong Kong, you’ll be dealing with this government agency a lot. Learn more about its role, functions, and services in Hong Kong.

4 min read

A Guide for Opening an Offshore Company in Hong Kong for Entrepreneurs

This article will guide you on how to incorporate an offshore company in Hong Kong, the benefits of opening a Hong Kong offshore company, its formation requirements, the procedure, and timeline.

8 min read

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