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Osome to Pioneer Cloud Community Network

Before you read on, maybe you have a minute to check out how exactly this can help you? One of the ways to do that is to hit us up for company registration.

Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) named Osome a pioneer company to join the Cloud Community Network. With other selected businesses Osome will help advance the development of the Cloud Native Architecture Ecosystem, advanced by Minister for Communications and Information, Mr S Iswaran.

Osome was founded by serial entrepreneurs, so they know that when launching a business, you want to focus on the essentials – the team, the clients, and the product. They started a company that helps outsource everything else in January 2018, and so far, have enrolled over 600 customers. Their solution to Business Administration was to automate the repetitive and mundane tasks, freeing the certified agents to provide great user experience, answering questions, offering guidance, and tailoring solutions.

“We built Osome because we wanted to give our customers time, and we felt that technology was a great way to achieve that. Once the routine is automated, you are free to analyze, create, and make a difference, which is why we all start businesses in the first place. It is inspiring to see our vision shared and supported by the IMDA,” says Victor Lysenko, Osome CEO.

A poster child of technology advantages, Osome uses AI and robots to make business administration easier and more affordable. Thanks to automation, Osome clients usually get an answer in 15 minutes, even late at night and on weekends, and registering a company can take as little as 38 minutes.
The tech-advanced company will use its new role as a pioneer to promote the advantages of cloud solutions contributing to Singapore entrepreneurial community.

“There is a lot of potential to transform our businesses and our lives. And that potential lies within us, we just need to release it by letting robots deal with whatever is holding us back,” says Victor Lysenko, Osome CEO.

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You'll receive a verification email you'll have to open and confirm the subscription.

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