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Get Your Business Ready for Holiday Sales 2021

Black Friday, 11.11, 12.12, Christmas, and New Year. The season for discount shopping is nearing, but is your store ready and primed to catch this season? Tune in to this webinar and hear from our E-Commerce experts on the best way to manage your sales and discount, maintain a profit and generate unprecedented sales for this season!

Osome, alongside Mend.SG and Verz Design will be sharing their thoughts on the respective topics:

  • Repricing Techniques To Improve Sales Velocity
  • How To Overcome Inventory Restrictions
  • Benefits to Using A Fulfilment Network
  • Strategies to Maintain a High IPI Score
  • How Analytics on Refunds, Returns and Reimbursement Can Help
  • Tips To Get Your Warehouse Ready Before (and After) Q4
  • #ecommerce

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