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The Guide to Tax Deductions: Expenses You Can Write Off

In this article, we will go through what kind of business models will require you to pay tax, what counts as business expenses, what tax exemptions mean, and how to claim exemptions.

8 min read

Your New Entrepreneur’s Guide to Selling on Lazada, Qoo10, Carousell and Shopee

Today, we will go through the four biggest E-commerce platforms in Singapore - Lazada, Qoo10, Carousell and Shopee, to see how you can make full use of their platform to kickstart your business.

7 min read

What Is a Holding Company and How To Set Up One in Hong Kong?

Learn how to set up a holding company in Hong Kong. A holding company is a company that has a bunch of subsidiaries. It is still a business entity.

6 min read

Starting an E-commerce Business From Home: What You Need

How can I start a business from the comfort of my home? In this article, we explore how to take the digital and e-commerce route.

5 min read

The No-Nonsense Guide To Start an Online T-shirt Business

E-commerce is the way to go, with increasingly more people doing their shopping online instead of in physical shops. Here’s a quick guide for you to start one selling t-shirts.

6 min read

Getting Started With an E-Сommerce Business from Home

In this article, we will examine why going online can prove useful for your business

5 min read

Starting an E-commerce Business From Home

What good will going online do for me? In this article, we discuss how choosing to go online can work out to your advantage in the long run.

5 min read

T-shirt Business: How To Start One the Fuss-Free Way

People shop online more often than from traditional stores. Here’s a guide on how to get started with t-shirt selling.

5 min read

Starting Your T-shirt Business the No-Nonsense Way

ncreasingly, people shop online rather than in offline stores. Here’s a guide on how to get started with selling t-shirts.

5 min read

What New Business Owners Need To Know About Companies Ordinance

In Hong Kong, the Companies Ordinance creates a legal framework for companies to be incorporated and operate. As your company would need to adhere to it, find out what it’s about.

5 min read

Things To Note When Issuing Shares in Hong Kong

If you plan to increase your company’s capital by selling part of your company through the issue of shares, there is some administrative work you need to do for existing and potential shareholders.

4 min read

Do Your Employees Working Remotely Overseas Have to File Income Tax in Singapore?

What happens if your foreign employee was on a short-term business trip to Singapore and is unable to return to their resident country? Let’s find out.

6 min read

A Complete Guide to Selecting a Nominee Director

A nominee director allows you to have someone else’s name on the board instead. Find out the reasons companies choose a nominee director.

6 min read

A Guide to Issuing Share Certificates for Singapore Companies

If you are starting a new company, you will need to issue a share certificate when your company is being incorporated. This article will go through the information you need to prepare this document.

6 min read

5 Hong Kong Government Funds to Tap Into for Your Startup

The Hong Kong government has put in place a few financing schemes to support the growth of these smaller businesses through financing and loan guarantees. Find out more about them and if you are eligible to apply.

4 min read

Tech.Pass: What Tech Entrepreneurs Need to Know about this latest Work Pass in SG

A new work pass dedicated to foreign technological experts has been introduced in Singapore to enable “the movers and shakers of the tech world” to bring in their expertise and create disruptive innovation.

4 min read

Setting Up a Hong Kong Company as a Special Purpose Vehicle

Find out what a Special Purpose Vehicle or SPV is, and what are the things you need to have to set up this entity in Hong Kong.

4 min read

A Guide to Setting Up a Special Purpose Vehicle Entity

In the last few years, it has been getting really popular for startups to create a SPV to help with the company financing, to attract investors to invest funds and receive equity when investing in the startup. Find out how to get one set up.

4 min read

What to Do if you Need a Nominee Director for Your Company

Find out what you need to know if you need a nominee director, along with their roles, and what could go wrong in the process to avoid mistakes.

6 min read

Using a Virtual Office as My Registered Physical Address

As companies work remotely and borders are restricted, would virtual offices fulfil the requirement to open a company?

7 min read

What Does the Electronic Transactions Act Mean for Entrepreneurs?

What do the Electronic Transactions mean for businesses and SMEs? We go through 4 things that entrepreneurs should take a close look at.

4 min read

Choosing a Virtual Office Service for My Company

Are you considering reducing your expenses and wondering if a virtual office fulfils the requirements to set up a company? Read on.

4 min read

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