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Safiah Alias

Safiah writes to make sense of the world. She has been writing articles for about 13 years on various topics, from social care issues to travel and food. She currently manages content for Osome.

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A Complete Guide to Filing Estimated Chargeable Income

Starting YA 2020 all companies in Singapore need to file ECI. There are some exceptions, find out if you have to file.

5 min read

Best Accounting Tools for E-Commerce Businesses

For small e-commerce businesses with little time or expertise, not making the right choice would be costly and time-consuming. To help you with your selection, we’ve taken a look at the best accounting tools in the market.

5 min read

Minimum Salary Raised for Employment Pass and S Pass in Sep & Dec 2020

Find out what an Employment Pass is, what an S Pass is, and what are the new rules to get one for your company’s staff

6 min read

Getting Your Business Registration Certificate

We illustrate how simple and seamless the process of getting a business registration certificate can be.

8 min read

A Guide to Opening a Representative Office in Hong Kong

Looking at opportunities in Asia as a starting base to expand your company, but don’t want to make too huge an investment? Foreign companies often explore Asia by registering a Representative Office in Hong Kong. Learn more about how to do it properly legally.

5 min read

What You Need to Know to Deregister Your Hong Kong Company

We take you through the requirements, process, and what you can expect when you wish to deregister your company in Hong Kong.

7 min read

5 Things to Consider When Setting up an E-Commerce Business in UK

While starting an online venture can potentially be a rewarding business option, it involves more than just setting up a website and getting started on sales. Here are things to consider from the administrative side of setting up your business.

6 min read

E-commerce in Hong Kong: How to Set Up Your Company?

Whether you have an existing retail business and are thinking of pivoting your business model, or just starting from scratch to open an online shopping store in Hong Kong, we’re here to help you make your company official.

10 min read

A Foreigner’s Guide to Setting Up a Company in Singapore from Hong Kong within an Hour

We guide you on what you need to get your business in Singapore registered from Hong Kong. No plane ride needed.

9 min read

Company or Common Seal in Hong Kong: Does Your Company Need it?

A comprehensive guide to common seal in Hong Kong and whether your company needs it.

2 min read

All You Need to Know About Appointing a Data Protection Officer For Your Company

Are you ready to select a Data Protection Officer to comply with Singapore’s Personal Data Protection Act? We’ll take you through the importance of choosing one, and tips to select the best person for the job.

6 min read

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